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Fantasy Hockey 2011: Trade Targets

Buy Low

Tim Thomas - Boston Bruins

With all the hype surrounding Tuukka Rask it seems these days, it may be a good idea to swoop in on the Vezina winner of a year ago - Timmy T. He's starting to catch fire, grab him asap if you still can because we all know what he can do. He may not be playing a ton of games, but when he does he has shut-out potential.

Ales Hemsky - Edmonton Oilers

With the kids running the show in Edmonton, Ales Hemsky seems slightly of an after-thought in Oil Country. Never fear however, he's still putting up points and shooting the puck well. He's playing with less pressure and its translating into a more comfortable game. I'd trade for him.

Mikko Koivu - Minnesota Wild

13 points in 20 games isn't what many fans in Minnesota were hoping for, especially with all the help coming in from San Jose. Despite the Wild playing good hockey, it hasn't translated into great numbers for Mikko. I still think he could still come close to that point per game pace.


Sell High

Niklas Backstrom - Minnesota Wild

After struggling the last two seasons in Minnesota, Niklas Backstrom has quietly once again emerged with better numbers. His numbers speak for themselves, .935 save percentage & a cool 1.97 goals against. Sounds pretty sweet right? But how long can the Minnesota Wild keep this up? Shop him around and see if you can get a safer goalie.

Steve Montador - Chicago Blackhawks

A few days ago Steve was on my pick-up list, now if you have him great. See if you can can flip the stay-at-home defenceman for a top pairing defender that plays power-play minutes. His points per game have been impressive as of late and there may be GM's out there who think he will continue this pace. He won't.

Shawn Horcoff - Edmonton Oilers

For the first time in a long time, Shawn Horcoff has fantasy value. Here is your chance to flip him for value. He's played good, border-line great hockey for the Oilers this season. Despite his critics, this season is the closest he's come to justifying his contract. Sell him now.