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Fantasy Hockey 2011: ESPN 10-Team Public League

Since the last time I've wrote to you all about this league two weeks ago, I've come to the conclusion that it's going to be a struggle going to the playoffs in this league. Not having a reliable bench has been hurting me big time so it's high time to make some big moves. Here's how I've done in two weeks:

Stats and Standings:

In the two weeks I have been managing my team, I've only eecked a 6-4-0 win two weeks ago and settled for a 5-5-0 tie last week. I have an overall record of 31-29. Two games over .500 isn't bad but considering how much of a leap O need to make in the standings to be considered in the playoffs isn't looking to pretty at this time. Looking over my stats, I am just muddled in mediocrity. I am doing great for goaltender wins but my averages are in the middle. I am second in the league with Shots On Goal but the rest of my skater stats are in the middle. The lone exception is my +/- which is at an atrocious -27, which is a league worst by a healthy margin. As I already hinted above, it's high time to make some big moves now to save my season and playoff hopes.

My recent transactions are after the jump...

Recent transactions:

Added Steve Montador, dropped Corey Potter: I made this move shortly after news broke that he was injured and most of my defensive corps was not doing great at the time but I was glad to make it after news broke that he'd be out at least a week. Not sure if Montador will be the long term answer but he'll make for a nice fill-in.

Added Erik Cole, dropped Teddy Purcell: I followed our own Stephen Kaczmar on his most recent article on some pickups and I intend to ride out the streak as long as necessary and hope he can keep that up.

Added Matt Read, dropped Ray Whitney: Another suggested pickup by Stephen Kaczmar and he was quite right that it's odd that he's not getting picked up more often. Still, he's owned in 33% of leagues so that number is likely to climb the more his name runs around. Better take Stephen's advice and pick him up soon!

I am pondering drastic changes on my roster and that includes the likes of Rick Nash. I had hopes for him this season but he is simply not cutting it on my team and continues to drag my team down. I'd think about dropping him but there's not much that's worth picking up to replace Nash's upside but I doubt I would get anything reasonably close to his draft value if I trade for him. What do you think I should do? Give a quick answer in the poll below. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @FakeTeams @MattPTurner and @StephenKaczmar for all your fantasy hockey needs!