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Week 11 All Fantasy Football Questions Answered Thread

As we creep closer to the kickoff of week 11, some questions still need to be answered. Will Ray Lewis play against Cincinnati on Sunday? Peter King doesn't think he will. The Baltimore defense has been dominant at times this season but at other times has looked downright pedestrian. I don't think the loss of Lewis will effect them too much but it is a loss of their emotional and on-field leader. With AJ Green probably sitting out, that takes away the main deep threat for Cincinnati and leaves the Bengals a little less explosive.

Is Wes Welker going to be able to have a big game on Monday night? Welker is on the injury report with a knee injury and is listed as probable. He should still start and the way that the Patriot offense has been playing this season, will put up some nice numbers. Over his last two games, Welker has put up 15 catches for 182 yards. I really like his matchup with Kansas City and TJ has him at #3 in his rankings for this week.

Michael Vick is out for Week 11 and that means that Vince Young will start. Can Vince Young put up a top 10 fantasy quarterback performance against the Giants? I don't think he will, maybe top 15. Along with Vick, Jeremy Maclin is also out. That takes away another weapon from Young. Philadelphia has used Shady McCoy extensively this season and I expect they will lean on him quite a bit more on Sunday. The Giant defense is not without its weaknesses but I don't think Young is a quarterback that can exploit those. Hopefully, he makes it an interesting game because I hate when those Sunday night games turn into blowouts.

Let us know what fantasy football questions you have in the comments section below.