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Welcome Fake Teams New Writers

I am pleased to announce that I have added several writers here at Fake Teams, and we now have at least two fantasy writers covering each of the following sports:

Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Football 

Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy Hockey

Fantasy MMA

The new fantasy writers added are:

Ben Bauman-fantasy MMA

Bobby Ingram (aka JustBlogGuy)- fantasy MMA

John Robbins (aka jrobbins84)- fantasy baseball

Stephen Kaczmar- fantasy hockey

Paul Rice (aka riceball55)- fantasy baseball

Ken Neadly (aka KenWo4Life)-fantasy baseball

With the addition of all of these writers, you can expect even more fantasy articles published on a daily basis, so please make sure you come back and check the site often.

Update: I wanted to mention that Tim Burke, who started the fantasy MMA coverage here at Fake Teams, decided he had too much on his plate with his responsibilities over at Bloody Elbow, and will no longer be writing for Fake Teams. I want to thank him for getting fantasy MMA started here and wish him well over at Bloody Elbow.

Please welcome our new fantasy writers to Fake Teams and SB Nation!