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Fantasy MMA: Introduction to Fantasy MMA Part 3


Introduction to Fantasy MMA, Part 3: Where to Play

Three easy options for your UFC 139 Shogun vs. Henderson fantasy picks this weekend: MMA Playground, MMA Junkie forums, and MMA Weekly forums.

I’m here to pick up where my colleague Tim Burke left off with his introductory articles on fantasy MMA (see Part 1 and Part 2). In a few minutes you can be signed up for a free fantasy league, and you will take your enjoyment of UFC 139 to the next level.

Millions of us are playing fantasy football each fall, but did you know there is a fantasy sport that goes year-round? It is fantasy fighting, which allows MMA fans new and old to test their fight-picking prowess against fellow fans.

When you play fantasy MMA, every fight counts, from the curtain-jerker undercard matches to the bright lights of the main event. With fantasy MMA you pick a winner, round, and method of victory for every UFC fight.

Where can I play for UFC 139 this weekend?

Head To Head Fantasy UFC Leagues: just like fantasy football – your UFC picks against another guy’s picks! Each "league" typically has 40 to 60 players per event competing in 1-on-1 matchups.

MMA Junkie’s UJC league: UJC 54

MMA Junkie’s JFC league: JFC 81

MMA Weekly’s UFF league: UFF 139

MMA Weekly’s MMAF league: MMAF 169 (signup thread to come Tuesday)

MMA Playground

How do I win?

Scoring rules depend on the website. For MMA Playground, picking the right fighter gives 5 points, the right round is 2 points, and the method of victory is another 2 points. At the fantasy leagues on MMA Junkie and MMA Weekly, picking the fighter is worth 3 points, the round is worth 3 points, and the method is worth 3 points. After picking all 12 fights, submit your picks by Friday night. Then Saturday sit back and enjoy the 12 UFC fights by watching , Spike TV, and on pay-per-view. If your fantasy picks outscore your opponent’s fantasy picks you win! String together a few fantasy MMA wins and you will be in line for a title shot before you know it.

Good luck!