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Fantasy Hockey 2011: Weekly Roundup Week 6

First, I love tacos. Well, Tex-Mex food in general but tacos are the best. Sometimes I like mixing things up in my tacos to give it a new perspective or taste. And wouldn't you know that I had some delicious tacos for supper tonight, so I think we'll just mix things up a bit and talk about injuries first before we start talking about players worth picking up. 

Injuries (and boy, are there plenty)

Ryan Miller, Sabres - Miller got his lamp lit up last night when he went out of his crease to make a play on a drifting puck and Milan Lucic came and gave him a check that knocked Miller so hard that his mask flew off. Now a report came out that Miller has a concussion and will be out indefinitely. Naturally, this means that Jhonas Enroth will get full time duties manning the net for the foreseeable future. If for some ridiculous reason Enroth is available (he should have already been picked up by Miller owners), go get him now!

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Lubomir Visnovsky, Ducks - He got injured blocking a shot with his hand and broke a finger. It was suggested he may need surgery but it seems he may not need it for it heal right. He's already out for 4 weeks at least so it's a good thing he didn't need it at the time or he'd be out for much longer.

Alex Goligoski, Stars - Another injured defenseman getting hurt doing his job. He was injured for nearly the same reason but he broke his thumb. No suggestion of surgery or anything but he's still out for 4 weeks like Visnovsky.

Mike Green, Capitals - Tack another hard luck injury to the offensive defenseman. He injured his ankle back in October and he returned to play last night but there's speculation that he re-injured his ankle again since he only played 7 minutes on Saturday. Reserve him and hope for the best since he's considered day-to-day.

Free Agent/Waiver Report

Jhonas Enroth, Sabres - Duh! Check the top of the article if you missed why he's worth picking up.

Brad Marchand, Bruins - He seems to be finding the same kind of groove that made him a Stanley Cup Champion last year in the playoffs. Time to pick him up and enjoy the ride.

Dmitry Kulikov, Panthers - There seriously must be some kind of pixie dust magic going on there in Florida since it seems they're doing alot of things right. Kulikov is one of them. He's been quite the assist machine lately but has zero goals and very few shots on goal. Still, you can do much worse than getting a first round talent as a bench defenseman on your team.

Players I have mentioned in the past that are still worth picking up:

Patric Hornqvist, Tomas Fleischmann, Kris Versteeg, Johan Hedberg (if you own Martin Brodeur), Brian Elliott (if you own Jaroslav Halak). 

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