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MLB Trade Rumors: Marlins Making Noise This Offseason

I wrote the Trade Rumor article on the Marlins offers to Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes last night with excerpts from Clark Spencer's article discussing the fact that Marlins owner covets Albert Pujols. Well, Juan Rodriguez from the South Florida Sun Sentinel has more quotes from Loria, and I am now thinking that the Marlins are changing their old penny-pinching ways. Here are a few excerpts with quotes from Loria and Marlins president David Samson:


"What our job is, is to build a team with contingency plans," Samson said. "We are going out and being very aggressive with free agents who we think can help the team. We have a first choice. We have a 1-A and a 1-B. This week did not happen by accident. We knew exactly who we wanted to see and when we wanted to see them and we are planning from there."

More specifically as to whether the Marlins’ could accommodate all three players on their 2012 payroll, Samson added: "It’s a problem we never suspected could happen. That’s the true answer."

Yes, the Marlins are being very aggressive as not only did they make an offer to Pujols, but also to free agent Jose Reyes and free agent pitcher Mark Buerhle.

Some quotes from Loria after the jump, along with some new suitors for Ryan Madson:




Added Loria: "We’re looking at everyone and we want to make this team as special as we can. We would be foolish not to entertain the possibilities of some of these players. It’s one of those things that means you’re going forward. We’ve had our hands tied for a long time. With this new stadium we want to step into a new light.

"He’s terrific," Loria said. "He loved the stadium. He liked being here. He loves the flavor of Miami. We’re hopeful that some of these deals will happen…There are absolutely no limits to try and see what can be done."

So, based on comments from Samson together with Loria, it appears the Marlins are going to be big spenders this offseason and going forward, which makes sense as they move into their new stadium in 2012.

Imagine their lineup with Reyes leading off, Hanley Ramirez batting third, Pujols cleanup and Mike Stanton batting 5th. They could have an explosive offense should they be able to sign both Reyes and Pujols.

As Robert mentioned in the comments on Friday night, signing Reyes and moving Hanley to third base would keep third base prospect Matt Dominguez in the minors or make him trade bait. Current first baseman Gaby Sanchez also becomes trade bait should the Marlins pull off signing Pujols to play first base.

In other rumors,'s Jon Heyman reported earlier last week that free agent starter Hiroki Kuroda will either pitch in Japan or sign with the Dodgers. I think we all knew that, didn't we?

In the aftermath of the Phillies signing Jonathan Papelbon yesterday, closer Ryan Madson has become a hot commodity with the Red Sox, Rangers and Nationals interested in signing him. I can see why the Red Sox and Rangers have interest, as the Sox lost Papelbon to the Phillies, Daniel Bard struggled in the last few months of the season, and the Rangers are thinking about moving current closer Neftali Feliz to the starting rotation. But why would the Nationals want Madson? They already have closer Drew Storen and set up man Tyler Clippard, who could close. I wonder if the Nationals will use Storen as trade bait in their effort to land a center fielder via trade, with the Rays-B.J. Upton- and Twins-Denard Span-as possible trade partners.

Late last night we learned that the Blue Jays and Marlins are also interested in Madson via separate tweets from Bob Elliot from the Toronto Sun and Jon Heyman from



bob elliott

Jays making inquiries about free-agent RP Ryan Madson


Jon Heyman 


 are also in on Madson as well as Pujols, Reyes and Buehrle. 

Yeah, the Marlins are making plenty of noise this offseason.

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