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Prospects Chat: Excerpts from Baseball America Top 10 Chats

Baseball America has begun releasing their Top 10 prospects for each MLB team in the last week or so, and here are some excerpts from a few of the chats:

Andrew (DC): When do you think the Nationals will decide what to do with Rendon? If they keep him in the minors at 3rd, doesn't that slow his development if they want him to eventually be a second baseman?

Aaron Fitt: This is tricky. Part of me thinks they should do what the Mariners did with Ackley — if he's eventually going to be a second baseman, just go ahead and make the move now, take your lumps while he learns the position but get the process underway. The other part of me says he's just such a good third baseman, it would be a shame to move him, especially with Zimmerman's contract up after 2013... maybe you keep him at third base for the time being, and make a move when your hand is forced. I do think Rendon could pick up second base fairly quickly — he even made a cameo or two there this spring for Rice, when his shoulder kept him from playing third but the Owls wanted to show scouts he had versatility, and perhaps also assuage their concerns about his health a bit. Obviously, there will be a learning curve, but I think his would not be particularly steep, so maybe you can afford to wait to make the move.

BA's take on Rendon moving to second base. I have to think the Nationals will build around Ryan Zimmerman at third base. He is an all star third baseman in his own right, and I see them signing him long term. They charge enough for their tickets that should allow them to do that in short order.

Ron (Wisconsin): Goodwin - He's a fairly new name to, can you think of anyone whom his style of play resembles? Are we talking Mike Cameron comps like so many before or what do you ultimately see him being as a stat contributor??

Aaron Fitt: Michael Taylor is more of a Cameron kind of athlete with a Cameron kind of tool set. I've heard Goodwin's swing compared to Garret Anderson's; he obviously has more speed than Anderson, and he profiles as a center fielder rather than a corner guy, but if you're projecting, maybe he can be that kind of offensive player (which is pretty darn good). Although I don't see Goodwin ever hitting 35 homers in a season, as Anderson did at his peak.

Brian Goodwin was the 34th overall pick in the 2011 draft, and is a name to think about for those in deep keeper and dynasty leagues.

More BA chat excerpts after the jump:

stew (indianapolis): who is the favorite to play SS next year for the braves?

Bill Ballew: At this point I would say Tyler Pastornicky. The Braves have not been shy about giving rookies starting jobs if they prove they are ready. At the same time, I could also see Atlanta signing a veteran to keep the seat warm for part of the season while Pastornicky gets comfortable in the key infield position. I'm not sure if Mark DeRosa could handle shortstop on a day-in, day-out basis in the big leagues any longer, but someone like that who could help Pastornicky make the adjustment would give the Braves a backup plan and/or a safety net.

I don't see the Braves giving Pastornicky the starting job out of spring training. He hit .315-.359-.414 with 7 HRs, 45 RBI, 65 runs and 27 SBs in stints at AA and AAA in 2011. He doesn't walk much, but controls the strike zone as evidenced by his 45-32 K/BB rate in 2011, and 194-150 career mark in 4 minor league seasons.

Michael (My house): Does Lucas Duda have enough bat/defense to profile as an every day left fielder, in your opinion?

Matthew Eddy: Enough bat, yes. Over a full season, Duda could give you 20 homers and a .350+ on-base percentage. That won't cause anyone to confuse him with Barry Bonds, but with offensive levels in complete free fall in the big leagues, what Duda accomplished in 2011 was actually quite impressive. The trouble, of course, is that his natural position is 1B, and the presence of Ike Davis rules out that option. On the bright side, the Mets may not have anything to lose in 2012 by simply letting Duda show them what he can or can't do in right field.

I like Lucas Duda for 2012, and think he can approach 25 HRs with the fences moved in. He should be a late round pick in mixed leagues, and a mid-round choice in NL-only leagues.

@Jaypers413 (IL): Does your gut tell you Familia can remain a starter, or is he likely headed to the pen next year?

Matthew Eddy: My gut says reliever, and a really good one. One scout said he though Familia lacked the fluidity/athleticism to repeat his delivery for 100+ pitches a night. There's no shame in being a high-leverage reliever, though, and Familia's fastball and slider could be legitimate weapons in that role.

Is Jeurys Familia a future closer for the Mets? Keeper league owners take notice.