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Fantasy Hockey 2011: The Good, The Bad, & The Streaky

Here are some guys that are mostly owned in standard leagues in three different positions (forwards, defensemen and goalies) that are doing very well or doing very poorly this past week.

It's hotter than the central star in the NGC 2440 nebula. <crickets chirping>

Jamie Benn, Stars - You know who's benefiting most with centering between Loui Eriksson and Michael Ryder? Two thumbs pointing at Benn. Sounds like we found the perfect linemate for King Loui and he's getting top notch powerplay time too. Keep on enjoying him because the unity looks like it's legit.

Sheldon Souray, Stars - I promise, I am not trying to be a homer here but take another guess at who's also benefiting from playing mostly with the Eriksson-Benn-Ryder line in both even strength and powerplay? Oh yeah. However, keep in mind that he's quite injury prone and he's currently battling a wrist injury so don't be surprised if he hits the DL/IL if things don't start healing right.

Jaroslav Halak, Blues - The signing of Ken Hitchcock may signal a change in the winds for the Blues. Perhaps this will help Halak who''s been struggling thus far into the season. Who knows. Personally, I'd take a chance and trying to trade for him while his value is still in limbo. But that's just my gut feeling in the situation.

It's cooler than an ice cube stuck in liquid hydrogen. <unimpressed crickets still chirping>

Rick Nash, Blue Jackets - This isn't what I was expecting this year from Nash. Yeah, his supporting staff is thin but the team has had to spend alot of time defending itself rather than go on the offensive and score goals. Injuries and suspensions have played a part in the Jackets' slump but with Jeff Carter coming back soon (and being a Nash owner), I would be willing to ride this out and see if his presence will reinvigorate Nash to his goal-scoring ways.

Keith Yandle, Coyotes - It hasn't been a great start for the offensive defenseman, either. This is purely a slump and not much else going on for Yandle and much less any consistency in production. He seems to be doing fine out there on the ice so all I can suggest for Yandle owners is to be patient but for those looking for a potential buy low, Yandle is a good target to try.

Ryan Miller, Sabres - Tomas Vokoun was a close second but boy, I would hate to have Miller right now. With Jhonas Enroth doing well as a backup, one has to wonder if there's something wrong with Miller with his poor play. This will likely keep on going on so long as Miller stinks and Enroth continues to impress. Those Miller owners should have grabbed Enroth by now, emphasis on "should have".

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