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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

Happy Halloween!  Last year, there was a kid that went trick-or-treating as Ron Washington.  How many will go as Tony LaRussa this year?  Scoreboard! (runs away and cries) Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, October 31:

2012 Outlook: Can Mike Leake Emerge As A Viable Option? | Rotoprofessor

However, with [Leake's] elite control and the potential to post a great WHIP, he’s a pitcher worth owning in all formats. Look for him in the last few rounds to fill out your fantasy rotation.

The Potential of Derek Holland | Roto Hardball
A very interesting case. Do you think Holland takes a step forward in 2012?

2012 First Round Analysis: Does Carlos Gonzalez Belong Among The Top 12? | Rotoprofessor

Chris Sale Player Projection No. 159 | Fantasy Baseball 365
Biggest question in my mind: What will a decrease in velocity (side effect of throwing more innings at a time) do to his effectiveness, especially when it comes to strikeouts?

How Will Prince Fielder Age? | FanGraphs Baseball

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

Can Kenley Jansen be 2012's Craig Kimbrel? | Fantasy Baseball 365
Love this guy. I wonder if Ray can provide some perspective on him...

Is Heath Bell Still A King Among Closers? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Bell’s declining K rate, and the possibility that he’ll leave the pitching panacea known as Petco, is concerning. Wise owners will take note of those factors and look at Bell’s sub-2.50 ERA suspiciously.

Senior Circuit Scoop - Jonathon Niese's 2012 Value | Roto Hardball

Niese has a strong outlook for 2012. Pitchers with a strong groundball lean and an above average strikeout rate playing in favorable home ballparks are commodities are worth investing in, especially since his injury-shortened and generally unappealing surface stats of 4.40 ERA and 1.41 WHIP will depress his draft day value, even in NL-Only leagues. Meanwhile his 3.36 FIP, 3.28 xFIP and 3.42 SIERA give a much clearer picture of the skillset he has and potential that can emerge from it next season.

Vance Worley Player Projection No. 160 | Fantasy Baseball 365
I love Worley as a sleeper.

d’Arnaud, Pastornicky: Prospect Chatter | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
More confirmation that the Toronto catching job belongs to Arencibia.

Differing Opinions On Jerry Sands in 2012 | Mike Scioscia's tragic illness

Erik Bedard is Back | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Even though he had his best season since 2007, Bedard should not be drafted any higher than normal next year. His upside may be tempting, but his injury history makes him a huge gamble. Bedard still is the epitome of high-risk, high-reward. If you happen to take a chance on Bedard, be ready to trade him at the first sign of value. He doesn’t last very long.

Top 50 Free Agents | FanGraphs Baseball

AL-Only: Finding Value in Part-Timers | Roto Hardball
Some American League part-timers from 2011 could offer full-time value in 2012 including Jason Kipnis & Casper Wells.

3 Potential 2012 Stolen Base Surgers | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

MLB Injury Updates: John Lackey | Roto Hardball
Fascinating take - could Lackey return to being an elite pitcher once he recovers from Tommy John surgery?

Watch Yu Darvish Pitch | Baseball America

Baseball ProGUESTus: Silly Goose: Mariano Rivera and the Myth of the Seven-Out Save | Baseball Prospectus
I agree...mostly. Gossage is being a jerk, but the save stat is also incredibly flawed.

Video: Wade, CP3 and ‘Melo’s Jordan commercial |
Not baseball, but a cool commercial anyway. Do you think Dwyane Wade still celebrates in front of the opposing team's bench when he hits a 3?