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Fake Teams is Looking for Your Opinions and Suggestions

With the World Series finishing on Friday night, the 2011 baseball season has ended, but here at Fake Teams we will keep the fantasy baseball talk going throughout the offseason. With that, I am looking for suggestions as to what you want to see from us. 

Robert, Jason and I have started our early 2012 Position Rankings with Robert publishing his Top 20 Fantasy Catchers last week, and I will publish my Top 20 Fantasy First Baseman this Monday with the player profiles to follow on Tuesday. I am just about finished with the profiles and look forward to your comments, good or bad. 

The early 2012 rankings will take us into early December, so we want to know what you would like to see from us once the rankings articles have been completed. I plan on writing some MLB Trade Rumor articles, along with individual player analysis pieces. In addition, I will write my Fantasy Baseball Thoughts and Prospect Chat excerpt articles from time to time.

Along with writing some of the early 2012 rankings articles, Robert will be posting the Fantasy Baseball Links articles about 3 times per week and will write some player analysis articles as well. 

Jason will write some of the early 2012 rankings articles and has volunteered to start covering minor league prospects for Fake Teams going forward. Jeremy Miedzinski used to cover minor league prospects for us, but has decided to stop writing for the time being.

With all that said, this is a snippet of what WE are planning to cover this offseason, but we are here for YOU, so what do you want to see us covering this offseason? Are there specific players or prospects you would like us to write about? Do you want to see AL-only or NL-only position rankings? I know some of you participate in "only" leagues, I do, so let us know if that is something you would like to see. Do you want to see more frequent rankings articles? Do you want to see the rankings in tiers rather than in a list? Let us know.

In the past, I used to write the "Who Would You Rather Have" articles from time to time, and wonder if you would like for me to bring those back. 

Finally, in addition to wanting to know what you want to see from the fantasy baseball coverage this offseason, we want to HEAR for you as well. By that I mean, we want to see you comment in our articles. We want you to feel free to discuss anything you want in the articles as well. If you have a question about an offseason trade or who you should keep for 2012, we want you to feel free to ask them in the comments of ANY of our articles. You don't have to wait for a "All Questions Answered" thread to ask your questions. We are here for you every day. This is your community, we are just the guys that write for Fake Teams, but we are no different from you. We have similar questions ourselves and we also want you to feel free to voice your opinions without the thought of being scorned for publishing them. 

If you feel your question is too lengthy, feel free to write a fanpost with your more detailed questions. In addition, if you have the desire, and the time, feel free to post your own rankings in the fanposts. I know the readers over at Minor League Ball post their own prospect rankings from time to time, and we would love to hear what your rankings look like, in addition to your opinions on our rankings.

I told the founder of SB Nation recently that I wake up thinking about baseball and go to bed thinking about baseball. It's the truth, and I am sure some of you do the same.Fake Teams is here to provide advice and opinions covering fantasy baseball, football, basketball and hockey and we want to hear from you......everyday.