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Prospects Chat: Excerpts from Keith Law Chat

ESPN's Keith Law held a prospects chat on Thursday and here are some excerpts. i have to say he, alone, is raising the prospect ranking of Robbie Grossman this offseason.


 Robbie Grossman's ceiling? Average ML starter?

  (2:00 PM)



Steve (boston)

who do you like better between Robbie Grossman and starling marte?

  (2:03 PM)

Grossman. That's not really close.

I've written about Grossman over at Minor League Ball recently and linked to KLaw's thoughts on him in previous chats here at Fake Teams, but this is the first time he has mentioned Grossman as an above average regular. I wonder if he ranks Grossman in his Top 50 in 2012. Would not surprise me.


More KLaw after the jump:


Tyler (Ann Arbor)

Give me something about Yasmani Grandal. What was he looking like before the injury? Possible September call-up next year?

  (1:29 PM)

Struggling with receiving. Can throw, can call a game, plenty of stick from the left side, but he's had issues all year (including here) with just catching the ball, especially better velo.


Grandal is having the same issues that Buster Posey had in 2010 and he turned out fine. It will be curious to see how the Reds handle Devin Mesoraco and Grandal in 2012 and beyond.


Jess (Cincinnati)

Do you fully buy into the belief that a starting pitcher HAS to have at least 3 good pitches to be successful? All the talk that Chapman HAS to develop a good changeup seems silly to me when his fastball and slider (when thrown in the zone, obviously) are both easily plus pitches--better actually. All he really needs is a changeup he can throw occasionally near the zone. Yeah? Or am I a simpleton?

  (1:16 PM)

No, I don't think it's a requirement, but it also looks like Chapman is working on more of a split-change now, which could be pretty vicious.


This bit of info bears watching should Chapman shows he can start in spring training. The Reds are giving Chapman a shot at starting in 2012.