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Prospects Chats: Excerpts from Keith Law Chat

ESPN's Keith Law held a chat on Thursday afternon and here are some excerpts. There were too many GM questions, but here are some prospects Q & A:

John (Richmond, VA.)

You sounded impressed by Derek Norris. Do you see him as trade bait or do the Nats move ramos to make room for him? Thanks.

  (1:33 PM)

I still think he'll hit. Nothing wrong with the swing or approach. The problem is that you're going to ask, "So why hasn't he hit for average for two straight years?" and I have no answer. He should have, dammit.

 I wonder if a change in approache, being more aggressive will help Norris. Klaw tweeted the other day that Norris turned on a 96 mph inside fastball for a home run, so he has power and a solid eye at the plate.

James (Washington)

Have you seen Bryce Harper in the AFL? Is he just worn out or does he have more adjustments to make than initially thought?

  (1:34 PM)

He turned 19 over the weekend. He's fine. Actually,, one thing I will add- I talked to him for a minute in the dugout yesterday, and he's gotten a lot stronger, upper and lower halves, since I last saw him up close.

How soon before we see him in Washington?

 More after the jump:

Jake (San Clemente)

Hoyer and Co. was in San Diego for two years. Is that enough time for their player development strategies (actually drafting high end talent and growing the scouting department) to stick in their absence? How did Byrnes spend on player dev in AZ?

  (1:40 PM)

The system is loaded right now, one of the best in the game. It seems nuts for Moorad to let the two main architects of that walk away with a fruit basket.

 Padres fans have something to look forward to after GM Jed Hoyer leaves for the Cubs GM job. Hoyer turned the farm system around quickly, huh?


Is Alex Castellanos anything to get excited about?

  (1:41 PM)

Yeah, kind of like the bat, good approach, not sure where he ends up playing though.

 And he may end up replacing Andre Ethier in the outfield in Los Angeles.

Tim (Haverford)

despite the SSS on Grandal in the AFL, he did move up two levels in his first season in the minors, he has to be a big time trade chip for the Reds this offseason, right?

  (1:44 PM)

Rising questions over his receiving ability. Throws well, calls a good game, clanks a lot of pitches most catchers catch. Saw some of that myself last week. I have no explanation for it.

I wonder if he is just tired from him first year in the big leagues. Devin Mesoraco had similar questions last offseason.

ray (burlington, NJ)

Keith-thanks for the chat. Is Robbie Grossman a top 100 prospect in 2012?

  (1:50 PM)


 I wrote about Robbie Grossman over at Minor League Ball last Sunday. Grossman is hitting very well so far in the AFL and needs to prove his improved power and plate discipline can translate to AA this season.