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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 7 DEF/ST Rankings

All 26 defenses playing this weekend are ranked following the jump.

Defenses to start: Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys - These are strong defenses playing some very weak offenses. There will be a ton of sacks and turnovers to benefit from.

Defenses to avoid: Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts - I think these defenses will be on the field for much of their games. They have playmakers but the opposition's offenses will just dominate them.

Team Opp.
1. Baltimore Ravens JAX
2. Dallas Cowboys STL
3. Pittsburgh Steelers ARZ
4. Green Bay Packers MIN
5. San Diego Chargers NYJ
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers CHI
7. Cleveland Browns SEA
8. Detroit Lions ATL
9. New York Jets SD
10. Chicago Bears TB
11. Washington Redskins CAR
12. Denver Broncos MIA
13. New Orleans Saints IND
14. Tennessee Titans HOU
15. Carolina Panthers WAS
16. Seattle Seahawks CLE
17. Oakland Raiders KC
18. Houston Texans TEN
19. Miami Dolphins DEN
20. Arizona Cardinals PIT
21. Jacksonville Jaguars BAL
22. Atlanta Falcons DET
23. Kansas City Chiefs OAK
24. Minnesota Vikings GB
25. Indianapolis Colts NO
26. St. Louis Rams DAL