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Prospects Chat: Mike Newman on Manny Banuelos, Xander Bogaerts and More

I posted some excerpts from Mike Newman's chat yesterday, but as I continued reading there were plenty more interesting Q & A that I would like our readers to see. I had trouble block-quoting the Q & A again, so my comments are under RG.

Comment from Preston

I know they aren't big league ready, but do you not consider Banuelos or Betances elite talents?

Mike Newman: 
Banuelos could be. Not sold on Betances. I think a couple of orgs. have 3-4 SP prospects as good as the Yankees best one.

RG: Wow. Mike didn't waste his opportunity to bash the Yankee hype machine, eh? I will be interested to see the reaction from Yankee fans here and elsewhere on SB Nation.

Comment from Eric

of all the players you saw last season, who struck you as the most powerful bat?

Mike Newman Xander Bogaerts

RG: Bogaerts was young for Low A this year, as he hit .260-.324-.509 with 16 HRs and 45 RBIs in 265 at bats.


More excerpts after the jump:

Comment from Illmatic:

Rank ROC: Rendon, Harper, Trout, Jennings, Hosmer, disregarding defense.

Mike Newman: Harper-Trout-Hosmer-Rendon-Jennings

RG: I am not sure i would rank Rendon ahead of Jennings, especially when I think Jennings could be a top 20 fantasy outfielder in 2012.

Comment From Ned Coletti 
If KC is interested in Chad Billingsley, what prospects/players would be in motion?

Mike Newman: Pitching, Myers, it would take quite a bit.

RG: "Chad, this is Ned. You're from the mId-west right? Thought so. Well, pack your bags, you're going home."