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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 6 Tight End Rankings

Jimmy Graham. For real.
Jimmy Graham. For real.

Who needs Antonio Gates when Jimmy Graham, Jermichel Finley, Jason Witten and Rob Gronkowski have evolved into practically Wide Receivers filling in the TE Position? Well, Gates' owners need him. As do the Chargers. But that is beside the point! Through 5 weeks of the season, Tight End is deeper than ever with Jared Cook emerging without Kenny Britt hogging targets and Aaron Hernandez maintaining Tom Brady's trust after coming back early from an injury.

Is Tony Gonzalez back? Where did Fred Davis go? What happened to Kellen Winslow? Is Brandon Pettigrew for real?

All of these answers and more on the next episode of "After the jump."

I enjoyed writing "Fact or Fluke" so much yesterday that I've decided to incorporate it into the Tight End Ranks as well. Hooray for us!

New Orleans' Jimmy Graham has third straight 100-yard receiving game. FACT. Graham leads all TE's in receiving yards by 130 yards and is fourth in the entire NFL in yardage. He is uncoverable right now and has a legitimate chance of ending as the top TE in all of fantasy. Drew Brees loves him in the red zone.

Heath Miller of the Steelers has 46 yards and a score in blowout win against Tennessee. FLUKE. Miller is primarily a blocking specialist as of late and is rarely used in the passing game. With a hobbled Big Ben tossing the rock, 4 different Pittsburgh receivers scored, all in the red zone except for Mike Wallace. With no Mendenhall and at one point, Isaac Redman, the Steelers passed at will when they were in Titans' territory. I'm not buying Miller's emergence and see it as a product of the game-flow.

In the same game, potential break-out TE Jared Cook is targeted nine times and catches a season-high 4 passes. FACT. I'm looking at the targets here. After a long catch and run touchdown against the Browns in week 4, Cook is targeted a season-high 9 times by QB Matt Hasselbeck. With Nate Washington the only semi-legitimate weapon in the passing game, it looks like the Titans are finally coming around on the future star TE. The Titans have the bye week this week to get their running game in check and to incorporate Cook even more in the passing game. I love Cook for the remainder of the year.

Players I Should've Been Higher On During the First 5 Weeks:

Tony Gonzalez - His emergence seems to be for real.

Brandon Pettigrew - He is Detroit's running game essentially. When Jahvid Best is bottled up, Stafford tosses short routes to Pettigrew. PPR Gold.

Players I Like This Week: Greg Olsen, Dustin Keller, Fred Davis

Players I Don't Like This Week: Heath Miller, Dallas Clark, Kellen Winslow

Rankings are below, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the list. You can follow me on Twitter or ask any questions there.

For all other rankings, head on over to our friends at Fantasy Rundown and Fantasy Football Librarian.

Player Team Opponent
1. Jimmy Graham Saints Bucs
2. Jermichel Finley Packers Rams
3. Rob Gronkowski Patriots Cowboys
4. Jason Witten Cowboys Patriots
5. Vernon Davis 49ers Lions
6. Owen Daniels Texans Ravens
7. Brandon Pettigrew Lions 49ers
8. Tony Gonzalez Falcons Panthers
9. Aaron Hernandez Patriots Cowboys
10. Dustin Keller Jets Dolphins
11. Fred Davis Redskins Eagles
12. Greg Olsen Panthers Falcons
13. Jermaine Gresham Bengals Colts
14. Ed Dickson Ravens Texans
15. Kellen Winslow Bucs Saints
16. Ben Watson Browns Raiders
17. Kevin Boss Raiders Browns
18. Dallas Clark Colts Bengals
19. Mercedes Lewis Jaguars Steelers
20. Heath Miller Steelers Jaguars