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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

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Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, October 12:

Jose Reyes: A Look to Next Year | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

This season Reyes had his highest GB/FB and LD% since 2008. If you’re looking for him to hit .330+ with a .380+ OBP again you’re probably going to be disappointed.

Jose Valverde And An Illusory Illusion | Roto Hardball

If it wasn't an already established trend with Valverde's career, perhaps we could dismiss his season due to his less-than-impressive peripherals. He probably was still a bit lucky -- essentially all his runs allowed came in tie situations or non-save situations, and even the most ardent deniers of DIPS would probably admit there was a little randomness involved there. But make no mistake -- Valverde is still a good closer, even if his basic peripherals suggest much less.

The End of Bobby Abreu or Just a Time Out? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Number one is that the minimum plate appearances clause in [Abreu's] contract kicked in and now the Angels are on the hook for $9M in 2012. Maybe he doesn’t start in the outfield, but they’re not going to pay him and not DH him like they did this season. For fantasy purposes, his 28 games played in the outfield qualifies him at the position, so whether he ever makes an appearance in the outfield or not, he’s locked in. That’s full-time at bats for what…your fourth or fifth outfielder. That’s not too shabby.

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Clayton Kershaw: Very Good To Great, Graphically | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Catching Grind Leading to Grounders for Avila? | Baseball Analytics
This makes me wonder if the Tigers are going to try to manage Avila's innings more carefully in 2012.

Five AL Outfielders Who Were Better Than You Realized | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

More Smoke, No Mirrors: Kenley Jansen Looks Elite in 2012 | Roto Hardball

However the Dodgers decide to use Kenley Jansen next season, he's certainly going to provide significant value to owners in terms of strikeouts (his K/9 is uber-elite, especially for those players in innings-capped leagues), ERA, WHIP, and saves or holds. Based on the volatility of bullpen roles around the league, we'll be targeting Jansen earlier than some of the more well-known relievers with the expectation that he continues his development into one of the games most dominant...relievers.

Prospect Press: Shelby Miller, St. Louis Cardinals |

Miller will likely start the 2012 season with the Cardinals' Triple-A affiliate, the Memphis Redbirds. There is little chance that he will break camp with the St. Louis Cardinals in the spring, especially since the organization has been quite careful with his innings workload in the past two seasons (he's tossed 104 1/3 and 139 2/3 innings in 2010 and 2011, respectively). In addition, after the team picks up Adam Wainwright's option, the Cards will have six possible starting pitchers on their 2012 major league roster.

Oakland Athletics 2011 Minor League Review | Razzball
I'm excited about Choice. The others...not so much.

Houston Astros Expected To Move To American League As Condition Of Ownership Change | Baseball Nation
So it looks like this is happening. As a commenter notes, the entire 2012 schedule would have to be redone. More on this if and when the plan is finalized.

Cat (made from two Detroit Tigers cap logos) | Flip Flop Fly Ballin'
Based on the title, I was hoping that this would include this logo (yes, that's real). Still pretty cool.