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Fantasy Baseball: Jason Heyward In the 11th Round?

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ESPN's AJ Mass held a fantasy chat on Thursday, and I have to think he ran out of coffee because here is how he answered a question about Braves outfielder Jason Heyward:

Tyler (VT)

Heyward had a couple months that made me wonder if he was going to be the next best thing...then a couple months where he dissapointed. What do you expect from him next year and where are you looking at drafting him?

AJ Mass
(11:18 AM)

Re: Heyward. Right now I have him as an 11th Round value. Don't see the power numbers.

Heyward in the 11th round would be great value for sure, but I don't see it. He was drafted in the 2nd round in a recent Razzball mock draft. I honestly think the 2nd round is too early to take Heyward, but I think somewhere in the 3rd to 5th round makes sense. But 11th round? I would be shocked he lasts till the 11th round in any draft this season.

I wrote about Heyward in my 2011 Outfield Rankings here, and think he can go 25-90-15-.300 in 2011.