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Fantasy Baseball: Keeper League Trade-Ike Davis for Bryce Harper

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Over the last week or so, I have been going back and forth with another owner in the UBA NL-only keeper league about dealing for the first overall pick in the 2011 minor league draft. That pick isn't any ordinary first round pick. That pick grants you the chance to draft Bryce Harper.

So, once he made the pick available to the league, I opened with a soft offer of a $29 S1 Aramis Ramirez and $10 O Cameron Maybin. I knew this offer wouldn't be accepted, but wanted to get the conversation going. He came back saying it wasn't enough. Fair enough. I then upped the offer to a $5 S1 Ike Davis and ARam. He said he liked Davis, but did not have any interest in Aram at $29.

He then countered my offer with offering me the #1 and #13 picks for Davis and Maybin. I originally said it was too much for the picks, but then relented and accepted the offer. My reasoning is as follows: 1. Long term Bryce Harper will have more value than Davis, 2. I give up Davis for 2011 and 2012, but don't get Harper till 2012 at the earliest, but more likely in 2013. 3. I may have been over-valuing Maybin. The Padres have alot of outfielders, and Chris Denorfia saw alot of time in centerfield last year. I can see manager Bud Black sitting Maybin should he go in a prolonged slump.

Like I said, long term Harper has more value than Davis. But, I do give up Davis at a solid price for 2011 and 2012 for the chance to have Harper from 2013-2015, at the very least. Or, should i be in the money spots at the trade deadline in 2011, I can deal Harper for pieces I need to get me over the hump. I am certainly playing for 2011, but i could not pass up the chance to draft Harper.

My roster as it stands now looks like this: $10 Danny Espinosa, $5 Pedro Alvarez, $29 Aramis Ramirez, $22 Ryan Zimmerman, $24 Dan Uggla, $10 Jason Heyward, $15 Andrew McCutchen, $5 Mike Stanton, $5 Jose Tabata, $10 Mat Latos, $9 Ubaldo Jimenez, $5 Drew Storen, $10 Craig Kimbrel and $5 Daniel Hudson.

How did I do? Would you have done the same?