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Fantasy Baseball: Fantasy Chat Follow-Up

I want to thank everyone who participated in Tuesday night's chat on short notice. The response has been beyond my expectations.

Here are a few more questions from the chat with my responses:

9:51 [will] -      
oswalt or hamels? thanks! cant wait for another chat!

I would take Hamels as he is younger and just as good.

9:52 [Luis] -      
I traded Ryan Zimmerman + Sands + a 1st rd draft pick for Cano + Mous. I'm in a 20 team dynasty league with 17 MLB keepers + 9 prospects. How do you guys think I did?

I like the deal even though I am a big fan of Zimmerman and Sands. Moustakas could show big-time power in the bigs.

9:54 [Stevie] -      
How does the additions of Jose Lopez and Ty Wigginton affect Ian Stewart? Platoon situation?

Yes, I'd be worried if I were an Ian Stewart owner in 2011.

9:57 [Greg] -      
I need a speedster with runs and avg also factored in, who would you target between Bourn, Gardner, Ellsbury, Davis and Pierre?

I would rank them Pierre, Ellsbury, Gardner, Bourn, Davis

More after the jump:

9:58 [Steve] -      
Does Votto duplicate his numbers again?

He very well could, especially with the carrot of a Tulo-like contract on the horizon. I like Votto alot.

10:00 [Tony] -      
Do you see a bounceback year for Nate McLouth? .265 20/20 wouldn't be bad for deeper leagues as a OF3

I don't see it. I think the Pirates traded him at the right time.

10:02 [Bill] -      
Ray, I just saw that you weren't a fan of Castro. (Starlin, I'm guessing) Is he possibly a bit overrated? I see him being a bit more than just the prototypical SS, say Alicides Escobar, E. Andrus who to me are better defensive shortstops with more stolen base potential, but aren't a better average hitter than Castro. Thoughts.

Castro will his for a solid BA, but I am not sure he will hit for much more than 7-10 HRs and 15ish SBs in the next few years.

10:05 [Wesley] -      
Top 5 starters to target on draft day?

I am working on my SP rankings and I have them: Felix, Halladay, Lincecum, Lee and Lester. 

10:09 [philly guy...] -      
mitch moreland get 500+ abs this year? does this betre signing impact his playing time at all? chris davis? michael young?

I think it does impact his PT this year, unless Young is dealt.

10:09 [Wesley] -      
I can choose two: Singleton, Profar, Sano, Norris, Conger

Singleton and Norris

10:14 [Mark] -      
JDLR, sub 4 era and 190-200 K potential, yes or no?

No. He could have a sub-4 ERA, but I don't see the 190-200 Ks until he can throw more than 150 innings in a season.