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Down On The Farm: Project Prospect's 2011 HItting Sleepers

Adam Foster from Project Prospect published his 2011 Hitting Sleepers on Monday, and here are a few excerpts from his list:

1. Nick Weglarz - Weglarz is one of the best hitters in the minors but two injury-plagued seasons have allowed a lot of people to discount his abilities. Though he's going to outgrow the outfield, Weglarz takes quality at-bats and has enough power to be valuable even at first base or as a DH. He's a good bet to be an above-average MLB hitter. You're probably missing a .900 OPS bat if you decide to write him off as a guy with too much of an injury history.

With Matt Laporta close to being a bust, Weglarz could get his shot in 2011.

10. Donovan Tate - Tate embarrassed himself by breaking his jaw in an ATV accident before he played a regular season game in the Padres organization. A sprained left shoulder kept him off the diamond until the AZL season began last summer. His season was then cut short by a stomach virus, though he re-emerged in instructs. Big, strong and fast, Tate has great bat speed and athleticism. There's still a chance that he won't be able hit the ball regularly enough to be much of a hitter in pro ball, but given his raw ability, he's well worth keeping an eye on.

Tate is still young enough to reach his potential, but he needs to stay healthy and get some experience under his belt.

Head on over to Project Prospect and check out the rest of Adam's hitting sleepers.