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Down On The Farm: New Year's Tweets From The Prospect Experts

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Before I get to the tweets, I have to say I love the "Roll Tide" commercials on ESPN. Especially the part where the guy is giving the toast at a wedding and says "we were all surprised to hear he was a virgin till he was 28, and now........Roll Tide".

Here are a few tweets from the likes of Jim Callis from Baseball America and Kevin Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus now that they are back to business in 2011:

Kevin Goldstein:

@faketeams Sands certainly has a solid shot at becoming a solid every day guy by '12.

Yeah, I tweeted him after some back and forth about Sands in the comments section on Dodgers Top 20 list over at Minor League Ball.

10 snuck into first 88. RT @GoBigEd: @Kevin_Goldstein Did 10 #Royals prospects sneak into your Top 101?

That's gotta be some kind of record, no? Wow.

Haven't ranked systems yet, but Top 11 surprised in a good way RT @The_UnReal_Matt: @Kevin_Goldstein Where do you rank the Dodgers system?

Music to my ears.

More after the jump:

Jim Callis:

Maybe, with more pop and a little less defense. @carl9730: Brett Jackson= Steve Finley#Cubs

Not bad.

Not great comps, but those pairs have similar prospect value right now @testaduda: Betances= Ranaudo=No. 2 SP possible No. 1; Nova=Doubront?

Interesting. Does that mean the Red Sox pitching prospects are just as good as the Yankees pitching prospects. Shhh.....don't tell the Yankee fans.