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Down on the Farm: Excerpts from Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects for 2011

Keith Law published his Top 100 Prospects over on ESPN yesterday, and here are some excerpts:

Mike Trout, LAA

It defies belief that the Angels fired Eddie Bane, the scouting director who made the Trout selection, just 16 months after the pick; they'll enjoy the fruits of his labor for many years to come, as Trout should see the majors within the next two years, and has the potential to become one of the best players in the game by his mid-20s.

Best player in the game in 2016? Impressive.

Domonic Brown, PHI

His swing can be a little long, but he accelerates his hands so quickly that, in the long run, I don't expect him to be a significant swing-and-miss hitter and he has the hip rotation and leverage to hit for above-average to plus power.

Even if he starts the 2011 season in AAA, Brown should be better for it in the long run, I think. He could be a fantasy stud in a few years with his power/speed combo.

Julio Teheran, ATL

Signed out of Colombia for $850,000 in 2007, Teheran is already making that figure look like a bargain, establishing himself not just as a future No. 1 starter but as the best pitching prospect in baseball.

Wonder where he gets drafted in the UBA NL-only league.

More after the jump.

Dustin Ackley, SEA

He's always had a smooth, easy swing, but is keeping his weight back better than he was in 2009 and should have average to above-average power when he reaches his peak. He should be ready for the majors by the middle of 2011.

I think you know I am not a fan of Ackley for fantasy purposes, but KLaw sees possible above average power in Ackley. He will need it should he not stay at 2B.

Aaron Hicks, MIN

On tools alone, Hicks is a top-5 prospect in the game, and I still expect him to become a star, but there's some risk here and I can understand why the Twins are taking it a little slow with him.

I think one of our readers asked about Hicks in a recent chat or AQA.