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Fantasy Baseball 2011: More FSTA Experts League Draft Results

Last night, Scott Swanay from Fantasy Baseball Sherpa stopped by to comment on my FSTA Experts League draft results post, and asked if we had thoughts on the rest of the draft, as he participated in the draft. So I took a look at his team specifically, and I couldn't like it more. 

Here is his draft results:

1-David Wright

2-Matt Kemp

3-Kevin Youkilis

4-Rickie Weeks

5-Jay Bruce

6-Colby Rasmus

7-Pedro Alvarez

8-Matt Weiters

9-Max Scherzer

10-Ian Desmond

More after the jump:

11-Gio Gonzalez

12-Brandon Morrow

13-John Axford

14-Criag Kimbrel

15-Brad Lidge

16-Jhoulys Chacin

17-Logan Morrison

18-Travis Wood

19-Justin Smoak

20-Reid Brignac

21-Peter Bourjos

22-Bud Norris

23-Jarrod Saltalamacchia

24-Alex Avila

25-Ty Wigginton

26-Chris Davis

27-Felix Pie

28-Jason Hammel

29-Wilson Betemit

Here are a few comments;

I love his first 10 picks, but I think I would have grabbed Andrew McCutchen in the 4th round instead of Rickie Weeks, but I do like Weeks alot this year. Weeks, should he stay healthy, could be a 20-20 candidate this year with Ron Roenicke preaching to be more aggressive on the basepaths this year.

I like both Colby Rasmus and Pedro Alvarez, but I would have been tempted to take Brian McCann over Rasmus and Mike Stanton over Alvarez. I think Stanton can hit for more power than Alvarez, I think both can approach the 30 HR level, with Stanton hitting close to 35. I also may have been tempted to take a pitcher like Chad Billingsley in the 10th round instead of Ian Desmond. I think Billz made a big step forward last season, and can build upon that growth in 2011.

Overall, I like the strategy of going hitter heavy early, then grabbing starters after the 10th round. Love the Kemp pick in the 2nd round.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the draft overall in the comments section. By the way, make sure you check out his site in the link provided above. Reading his bio is a dream of mine as well.