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Down On The Farm: Prospect Chat Excerpts with ESPN's Keith Law

Keith Law held a chat over on ESPN yesterday and here are some excerpts from the chat.

BindleStiff (Toronto)

More valuable starting pitcher asset for the long-term... Mejia or Minor?

Klaw  (1:09 PM)

For upside, Mejia, by a huge margin. But Minor is ready to start in the majors right now, and has a higher floor.


 I am a big fan of Minor this year. Love the high K rate.

Mike (STL)

Keith, what are your thoughts about Shelby Miller saying his goal is to start the season in Double-A? Do you think he can handle that jump? Where would you start him?

Klaw  (1:16 PM)

I can't imagine the Cards would do that - what's the harm of having him spend April in Palm Beach where the weather's warmer and your PD staff is all right there? But I believe he'll finish the year in AA, if not AAA.

 Will HE be available at the 12 in the UBA minor league draft, Thomasps3? 

Rich (Evanston)

With all the talk of Rendon and the great college pitching crop, does George Springer have a chance to sneak into the top 5, and who might you compare him to based on his tool set?

Klaw  (1:27 PM)

I think he has to be a consideration at 1 and at every pick on down from there. His major flaw now is his two-strike approach - he has none - and that can be taught. Impact defender in RF with patience and power who's not that far away? Who doesn't want that?

Haven't heard that before, but he is a year away from getting drafted, so it will be interesting to see how he performs this year.

More after the jump:

Dan (NYC)

How would you rank the following 3 pitchers over the next 3-5 years Brandon Morrow, Jaime Garcia, and Gavin Floyd?

Klaw  (1:45 PM)

Morrow's the one guy in that mix with #1 starter potential.

KLaw gave Morrow more love later in the chat as well.

John (New Jersey)

2011 MLB Prospects List. Time? Date? Location? Thank you.

  (1:58 PM)

I think org rankings Wednesday and top 100 Thursday. Still trying to book a venue.

Can't wait. It's like Christmas in January for me. I will have some excerpts from his Top 100 next Friday.

chris (san francisco, ca)

Logan Morrison's .390 OBP last year suggests a mature approach at the plate for his 23 years. Does the swing translate over time into 20+ HRs annually?

Klaw  (1:58 PM)

Yes. Power has been sapped by the wrist injury - takes 12-18 months to get all your strength back from that.

Could LoMo hit 20 HRs in 2011? I'll be watching if he displays any power in spring training.