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MLB Trade Rumors: Will Albert Pujols Get ARod Money?

Well, Albert Pujols agent, Dan Lozano, has certainly taken over the headlines in MLB for the next month or so, as he announced that he will negotiate with the Cardinals till the start of spring training. So, between now and then, we can expect alot of Albert Pujols articles, lots of rumors, and lots of what is he worth type articles because he is the best player in baseball right now.

There is no question he is the best player in baseball. The question lies on whether or not the Cardinals want to make Pujols the highest paid player in baseball, and hand out the largest contract in baseball history. Alex Rodriguez has the largest right now at 10 years and $275 million. No question, Albert deserves more than ARod. But will the Cardinals give that to him?

The Cardinals are rumored to be not willing to go more than 7 years. To me, that will not get a deal done. Jayson Werth just got a 7 year, $126 million contract this offseason. Pujols deserves a longer contract, don't you think?

Pujols has a full no trade contract. Is it possible that he gets so angry with the team over the negotiations that he demands a trade? Its possible, but I think the Cardinals are smart enough not to go down that road. That would be horrible for the franchise, Or would it?

Think of what they could get for Pujols. It would take a team rich in young major league talent and rich in prospects to deal for Pujols. It would also take a team that is willing to pay him the largest contract in baseball history. Could it happen? Anything is possible? No one knows how the negotiations are going. The Cardinals are very good at not leaking information out to the media. GM Walt Jocketty has spoken out against the baseball rumor mill for years.

As I have stated before, I see the Cardinals signing him, but it does make for interesting offseason banter to think about the what ifs. What if Pujols decides to become a free agent, what teams will be considered the favorites to sign him? What if he demands a trade, what teams would be willing to give up the major league and minor league talent to get him, and to pay him as well?

Whether the Cardinals like it or not, Pujols contract will be the talk of baseball between now and spring training. How much Pujols will sign for is anyone's guess. I guess he gets an 8 yr, $250 million dollar contract.