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Fantasy Baseball 2011: Jason's Prospect Reviews

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In addition to writing for Fake Teams, Jason Hunt has his own blog, Jason's Baseball Blog, and he is currently writing up Prospect Reviews for one top prospect for each major league team. Jason articles are not limited to prospects, as he gives his opinion on the Hall of Fame voting, trade review, fantasy advice, player evaluation, among other topics.

Here are links to the prospects he has written about to date:

Brandon Belt, SFG

Brett Jackson, CHC

Michael Choice, OAK

Nolan Arenado, COL

Wil Myers, KC

Jason Kipnis, CLE

Here is an excerpt from his writeup on A's outfield prospect Michael Choice:

The thing that stands out to me about Choice from his brief professional time so far is the power potential. While in college, he slugged .644 and .704 respectively in his last 2 seasons, and posted that ridiculous .627 slugging in a small sample last year.

Head on over the Jason's Baseball Blog and check out what he has to say about the other prospects.