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MLB Trade Rumors: Rafael Soriano To The Yankees

Thank you Brian Cashman.
Thank you Brian Cashman.

From now on, do not believe a word out of Brian Cashman's mouth. After stating that Jesus Montero would be his starting catcher in 2011, he went out and gave an injured Russell Martin $4 million. A few days ago, he said he would not give up a 1st round pick in the Rule 4 draft, and tonight, went out and signed reliever Rafael Soriano to a 3 year, $35 million deal. 

He is paying his setup man closer money. Soriano has the option to opt out of his contract in each of the first two years according to's Jon Heyman. Why would he opt out when he is getting paid like a starting pitcher to set up Mariano Rivera?

This move is an act of desperation by Cashman, especially after the news yesterday that Andy Pettitte will not be ready for the start of the season, and may officially retire for all we know. This might be a line in the sand by Cashman telling Pettitte that he is moving on, and won't budge on whatever contract offer he has made to Pettitte. Why didn't Cashman attempt to deal for Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton instead? I am sure Ned Colletti would have listened. Broxton is only making $7 million this year, the last year of his contract.

I don't know why agent Scott Boras doesn't have most of MLB players as his clients. He ALWAYS gets top dollar for his clients. Always.

Back to Soriano, his fantasy value just plummeted, but what does he care? He got a bigger contract than Dodgers starter Ted Lilly, who got 3 years, $33 million from the Dodgers back in November. I can see articles from Keith Law to Dave Cameron bashing this deal.

And who can blame them.