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Down On The Farm: John Sickels Mariners/Marlins/White Sox/Brewers Top 20 Lists

Over the past week or so, John Sickels has finalized his Top 20 Prospect Lists for 2011 for the following teams:

Mariners Top 20

Marlins Top 20

White Sox Top 20

Brewers Top 20

He also updated his Royals Top 20 for the Zack Greinke trade, and the Blue Jays Top 20 for the Shaun Marcum deal.

I also posted my Top Fantasy Outfielder Prospect Rankings for 2011 last night.

Here are the rest of my Prospect by Position rankings for 2011:

Catching Prospects

First Base Prospects

Second Base Prospects

Shortstop Prospects

Third Base Prospects