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Fantasy Baseball: An Early Look At Top 10 Pitchers For 2011

I was arguing with some friends last week about whether or not Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw is a Top 10 starting pitcher. So here is my early look at my Top 10 starting pitchers for 2011.

1. Roy Halladay-the best pitcher in baseball for me

2. Felix Hernandez-imagine if he pitched for a team that can score some runs?

3. Adam Wainwright-second straight excellent season for Wainwright.

4. Cliff Lee-he has struggled of late and is currently injured, but if he signs with the Yankees in the offseason, he could vault to the top 3.

5. Josh Johnson-the Marlins ace has only 11 wins this season, but has solid peripherals across the board.

6. CC Sabathia-he's a workhorse, and pitches in the best division in baseball.

7. Ubaldo Jiminez-he's building on his breakout season in 2009. Could win 20 this season and win Cy Young.

8. Chris Carpenter-and he's not even the best pitcher on the Cardinals.

9. Johan Santana-he has proven me wrong this season, so I can't not include him here. Still gets it done even with the declining strikeout rate.

10. Clayton Kershaw-I could have gone with any number of starters here including Mat Latos or David Price, but I went with Kershaw who has improved his walk rate and is striking out almost 10 batters per 9 innings.