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Down On The Farm: Baseball America Hot Sheet Chat

I wrote this article with some excerpts from Baseball America's Hot Sheet chat over at SB Nation's fantasy page. Head on over and check it out.

Here is an excerpt:

Larry W (Atlanta): Who has had the more surprising season, Devin Mesoraco or Brandon Belt? Which of the two has the brighter future?

J.J. Cooper: I'd have to say Mesoraco's is more surprising. In Belt's case he was a very productive college player who was thought to not be a great pro prospect--but that was all based on projection. He had hit wherever he'd gone. In Mesoraco's case, there was a multiple year track record of him struggling. Remember that he hadn't slugged .400 for a season in a three years as a pro. Belt provided to be a surprise because he's better than his college scouting report. Mesoraco is a surprise because he lived up to his high school scouting report after three years of struggles. Mesoraco has turned into a solid defensive catcher, even though Belt's a good defensive first baseman, I've got to go with the catcher having a brighter future.

Both Belt and Mesoraco have had breakout years this season, and are must adds in keeper leagues.

Be sure to check out John Sickels' article on Mesoraco over at Minor League Ball.