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Fantasy Baseball: Mike Stanton Or Pedro Alvarez?

I know they play different positions, but both were called up in June, or thereabouts, this year and have similar stat lines. Both have big-time power but they have trouble making contact and strike out alot. Too much.

Here are their major league stats courtesy of Fangraphs:

Mike Stanton: 372 AB, 21 HRs, 52 RBIs, 43 runs scored, .248-.320-.504, 115-34 K/BB rate, HR/FB%-24%

Pedro Alvarez: 364 ABs, 14 HRs, 58 RBIs, 39 runs scored, .249-.324-.449, 113-37 K/BB rate, HR/FB%-16%

Stanton has hit for more power, but Alvarez has driven in more runs, which I found surprising actually. Stanton should easily hit 30+ HRs in 2011, should he stay healthy and lower his K%. Alvarez could approach 30 HRs, but I think he falls short of that in 2011.

Only 5 third baseman in all of baseball hit 25+ HRs in 2010, and their names are Mark Reynolds, Alex Rodriguez, David Wright, Adrian Beltre and Ryan Zimmerman. So, Alvarez could find himself in good company in 2011.

In the outfield, only 5 outfielders have hit 30+ HRs in 2011-Jose Bautista, Josh Hamilton, Carlos Gonzalez, Vernon Wells and Corey Hart. Vernon Wells? Wow. Similar to Alvarez, Stanton will find himself amongst the top power hitters at their respective positions in 2011.

That is assuming Stanton hits 30+ HRs and Alvarez hits 25+ HRs in 2011.

Ok, I have to admit, I own both in the UBA NL-only keeper league, and am surprised that within a year, they could be viewed as top power hitters at their respective positions.

Who would you rather have in 2011?