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Fantasy Baseball: Thursday's Roto Roundup

Juan Uribe had a huge game yesterday against the Cubs, going 2 for 4 with 2 homeruns and 6 runs batted in. Uribe is one of those players who seems to get overlooked in a lot of leagues because he doesn't necessarily have a set starting job every game. But he's now hit 22 homeruns and driven in 83 runs, and has eligibility at multiple infield positions. While I wouldn't necessarily put him into the top 10 at any of those positions for next season, he is someone to remember later in drafts as he appears likely to continue to get starting-caliber playing time in 2011 and will provide production in positions that aren't very deep for next season.

Albert Pujols has pretty much put any chance of a triple crown out of everyone's mind after last night's performance. King Albert hit 2 more homeruns, giving him 41 on the season, which to me seems like a number that is probably going to stand up in the last week and weekend of the regular season. It's a bit surprising that it's even gotten this close at all.

Carlos Gonzalez probably isn't going to catch Albert in home runs, but he's definitely not giving up without a fight. He hit his 33rd home run of the season and drove in 6 runs last night in the loss to the Diamondbacks. He now has 113 runs batted in this season, and is hitting a league leading .342 as well as leading the league in RBI. I'm just not seeing 8 homers in 10 days time out of anyone not named Tulowitzki. Oh and he stole his 25th base of the season as well.

Another start for King Felix, another game with no run support from his teammates. Felix went 8 innings (a complete game), with 1 run allowed and only 6 base runners, but even that was too many runs for the Mariners' offense. Hernandez is now 12-12 on the season, but with a league leading 2.31 ERA and is leading nearly every other major pitching category. I'm not sure how it will end up that he doesn't win the Cy Young, but with him only likely to get 1 more start this season, 13 wins just isn't going to be enough in all likelihood.

The single run allowed by King Felix was a solo homerun to Jose Bautista, who now has 50 on the year. I really want to know what he does next year already, simply because he has hit so many this year. He won't win the MVP award since the Blue Jays have not been in the race since mid-April, but he should get some votes and strong consideration for a Silver Slugger award.