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Fantasy Football: Dukeallstar's Week 2 QB Rankings

Going into this week, we already have a few quarterbacks that will be taking over the starting duties for their respective teams. For the most part the replacement QB's are not exactly NFL or fantasy starting material but there is one name that stands out. Let's run down the top 32 quarterbacks for Week 2.

1. Drew Brees at San Francisco 49ers

He didn't have the greatest game last week but he was facing a great defense in Minnesota. He should have a better statistical week as they travel to the Bay area. Brees will shine in the Monday night lights.

2. Aaron Rodgers vs Buffalo Bills

Rodgers was decent against the Eagles. The loss of Ryan Grant will probably increase the passing game at least a little in the pass/run ratio. Rodgers will absolutely tear it up against the Bills.

3. Peyton Manning vs New York Giants

MUST START- The Colts passing game was flying last week in Houston. Manning was in fine form, throwing for 433 yards and 3 TD. Peyton will not want to start the season with two losses.

4. Philip Rivers vs Jacksonville Jaguars

San Diego looked miserable in the rain until it stopped or at least slowed near the end of the game. Rivers will feel much more comfortable at home in South Cali. He has a good matchup against the Jaguars.

5. Tony Romo vs Chicago Bears

Romo underachieved in Week 1 but was not helped at all by the O-line penalties. His connection and timing with his receivers is dead on. Romo will have a better game than Week 1 in this matchup.

6. Matt Schaub vs Washington Redskins

WATCH OUT- The Texans passing game was almost nonexistent against the Colts. Although, they were relying heavily on their new found running game. Hopefully the Texans will be able to find more balance and open up their strong passing attack.

7. Michael Vick at Detroit Lions

Michael Vick will be making his first start since the 2006 season in this one. He looked like he hadn't missed one start in the game last week against Green Bay. Vick will be a nightmare for the Lion defenders in this one ( the coaches might call the SPCA about his cruelty to Lions after this one).

8. Brett Favre vs Miami Dolphins

The Vikings looked like two different teams against the Saints. In the first half there was balance between the run and pass, in the second half it was Brett go out, wing it and win it. Favre will have an easier foe facing the Dolphins at home.

9. Donovan McNabb vs Houston Texans

McNabb was solid in his first start at quarterback for the Redskins. He was facing a very tough defense in Dallas and came through for the win. McNabb has great chemistry with Santana Moss and Chris Cooley.

10. Tom Brady at New York Jets

The Patriots passing offense looked like it used to in Week 1. Brady was in fine form and was very focused. The Jets will be bringing their A-game but showed some flaws that Brady will exploit.

11. Jay Cutler at Dallas Cowboys

This could be a dangerous game for Cutler, as the Cowboys will be looking for turnovers. The Martz offense worked well in Week 1 but faces a much stronger opponent here. Cutler should still put up some nice numbers but have a difficult time doing so.

12. Matt Ryan vs Arizona Cardinals

Ryan did not have a great game against the Steelers but should find more of a comfort level at home. The Cardinals are also not the Steelers D, so he should have an easier go of it. Arizona will not be able to handle the weapons Ryan has at his disposal.

13. Joe Flacco at Cincinnati Bengals

Flacco must have really enjoyed using his new receivers against the Jets. He will face another strong secondary in the Bengals. I think he'll have another good game but the offense will show more balance.

14. Eli Manning at Indianapolis Colts

The Giants might rely more on the run, as they no doubt saw the success the Texans had against the Colts. Manning will be allowed to take his shots in Manning Bowl 2 and the coverage will probably be favorable. I'm sure he'll have fewer INT than he did against the Panthers.

15. Kyle Orton vs Seattle Seahawks

Orton may not have the receiving options that other QB's have but he gets the most out of what he has to work with. He had close to 300 yards against Jacksonville and should have a good game in Week 2. Orton does not make mistakes and that will be why he has a better game than Alex Smith did when facing the Seahawks.

16. Matt Hasselbeck at Denver Broncos

He proved that he still has gas left in his tank. Hasselbeck looked like he was having fun and enjoying himself in their win over the Niners. He should look more for his tight end in the Mile High City as that's where the Jags found success.

17. Jason Campbell vs St. Louis Rams

I wonder if Campbell misses the receivers he had in Washington. He certainly might as his leading WR in Week 1 caught 4 passes for 28 yards. At least he has backs and a solid tight end to throw to and an easier matchup with the Rams visiting.

18. Derek Anderson at Atlanta Falcons

Anderson was good against the Rams and could keep the ball rolling here. He made great use of Breaston in Week 1. His ranking may look low but the Cards receiving group is dealing with injuries which are a cause of concern.

19. David Garrard at San Diego Chargers

Garrard was a nice surprise for those that started him in Week 1. He didn't have alot of yards but put the ball in the endzone 3 times. Sims-Walker and Garrard should hook up here more than last week when Sims-Walker was held without a catch.

20. Carson Palmer vs Baltimore Ravens

Palmer went over 300 yards and threw 2 TD's in the opening week. Although by that point the Bengals were pretty much only passing because they were down by 4 touchdowns. I can't see Palmer going over 300 yards passing against the Ravens.

21. Matt Cassel at Cleveland Browns

He can't help but have a better game here. Cassel only had 68 yards passing on Monday night. I think the monsoon type conditions in the game had something to do with that.

22. Vince Young vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Young will not have an easy time with the Steelers coming to town on Sunday. The Titans will rely heavily on CJ2K to move the ball. Young will be asked to manage the offense and not lose the game.

23. Josh Freeman at Carolina Panthers

It seemed as though his thumb didn't cause him much trouble, which was a good sign. Freeman will look to continue developing his connections with his receivers. The Panthers secondary will present a stronger test this week.

24. Chad Henne at Minnesota Vikings

Henne did not look strong in Week 1 against a defense that is not regarded as one of the most feared. Going up against the Vikings will be a much different story. Look for the Dolphins to try and keep things on the ground and not in Henne's hands.

25. Dennis Dixon at Tennessee Titans

The Steelers seem to be playing it safe with Dixon. He completed a high percentage of his passes but the team kept it on the ground for the most part. At least he knows to turn to Hines Ward as a key safety valve.

26. Alex Smith vs New Orleans Saints

Smith was very disappointing in the opener to say the least. He has some nice young players to work with in the passing game, so hopefully things can get turned around. This is probably not the week because the Saints D is hungry.

27. Sam Bradford at Oakland Raiders

SLEEPER- The Rams are not afraid to put the load on Bradford's shoulders as evidenced last week. You definitely can tell though that he has alot to learn. I think the Raiders will stack the box against S-Jax and Bradford will be called upon to pass to keep the Rams in it.

28. Seneca Wallace vs Kansas City Chiefs

Wallace gets his chance to start sooner than expected with Delhomme's injury. He has played well when given the chance in Seattle. Wallace could surprise with a decent performance in this one.

29. Mark Sanchez vs New England Patriots

Sanchez had a rough time of it against the Ravens. He was called out by Joe Namath and Tedy Bruschi this week. I think Mark Sanchez will look forward to this week being over quickly.

30. Trent Edwards at Green Bay Packers

Edwards does not get a break here against a great secondary. He will be totally frightened to go deep and will check down frequently. I think the Bills might make a QB change in this one.

31. Matt Moore vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Moore has practiced during the week, so it looks like he is going to start. His first start last year was against the Bucs and he failed to produce anything. I expect the Panthers to play it safe and lean on their running game.

32. Shaun Hill vs Philadelphia Eagles

Hill almost won the game last week for the Lions. At least he knows his go-to guy is Calvin Johnson. The Eagles defense is going to give Hill a really tough time come Sunday.