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Down On The Farm: Baseball America Prospect Chat

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Here are some excerpts from Jim Callis' chat over at Baseball America on Wednesday:

Ty (CO): Your thoughts on Matzek's apparant loss of velocity? Why did the Rox keep him out of pro ball for as long as they did?

Jim Callis: Some clubs hold back young pitchers from colder weather earlier in the season. A lot of high school pitchers lose some velo adjusting from the high school to pro schedule, so I wouldn't be too concerned yet. But if Matzek is still throwing 88-92 next year, it might be time to tone down our expectations.

The shine has come off Matzek this season, but he is still young, and will probably still be on the top prospect lists from the big guys based on his projection and not his performance.

Chris (Northern Virginia): Hello Jim. Thanks for the chat. If you had to rank players right now for next years Top 100, would these ranges fit? Eric Hosmer - Top 10? John Lamb - 15-20? Wil Myers - 20-30? Randall Delgado - 25-50? Oh, and Mike Trout - #1? Thanks, Jim.

Jim Callis: Might be slightly high on Hosmer and Lamb, and Trout might not be all the way up at No. 1, but those ranges are all fair.

If Mike Trout isn't #1, who is? Bryce Harper? Desmond Jennings? Julio Teheran? Should be interesting come March 2011.

Steve (Orlando,Fl): If Matt Moore's command improves,would he be in the conversation as one of the best starting pitching prospects? Is his stuff similar to Clayton Kershaw's?

Jim Callis: Yes. There's no question on his stuff, as his fastball, curveball and changeup are all plus pitches at times, and the fastball and curve show flashes of being plus-plus pitches.

Interesting. Keep in mind for those of you in AL-only keeper or dynasty leagues. Moore = Kershaw?

Mike (Boston): Jim, enjoyed your piece today. Who is a guy that is not in the conversation right now for best pitching prospect that you think could be this time next year?

Jim Callis: Jameson Taillon.

Very interesting. The Buccos could have an elite pitching prospect for the first time in quite awhile.