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Fantasy Baseball: UBA Keeper League Roster Update

I have written several times about my off-season bailing strategy to build a championship team in the UBA NL-only keeper league here, here and here. Since my last update on May 4th, I have made the following deals:

1. Traded $38 S2 Carlos Lee, $28 S2 Chad Qualls, $1 L0 Clayton Richard, and $1 Blake Dewitt for $7 S1 Nyjer Morgan, $10 S2 Felipe Paulino, $10 S2 Pedro Feliciano and $4 S2 Christian Guzman

2. Traded $7 S1 Nyjer Morgan, $10 S2 Mike Pelfrey, $10 S2 Mike Leake, $1 S2 Ryan Hanigan, $7 S2 Jonny Gomes and $4 S2 Christian Guzman for $5 S2 Jason Heyward and a few "whatever" type guys to fill my roster.

3. Trades $1 S2 Brendan Ryan for $10 S1 Cameron Maybin

4. Traded $5 S2 Ramon Hernandez and $10 S2 Joe Thatcher for $19 S1 Trevor Hoffman, $10 S2 Nick Stavinoha and a second round pick in the 2011 minor league draft

5. Traded a $10 S2 Derek Lowe for $10 S2 Hisanori Takahashi and a second round pick in the 2011 minor league draft

6. Traded a $10 S2 Travis Wood, $10 S2 Carlos Silva and a $10 S0 Clint Barmes for $21 S2 Carlos Gomez, $10 S2 Arthur Rhodes, $10 S2 John Ely and a second round pick in the 2011 minor league draft

7. Traded a $10 S2 Jonathan Lucroy, $10 S2 R.A. Dickey, $10 S2 Vicente Padilla and a $1 S2 Jason Hammel for $4 S1 Ubaldo Jimenez, $10 S2 Joe Beimel, $12 L1 Samuel Demel, and $1 Brendan Ryan

8. Traded a 2011 second round pick for Erik Kratz

All of these deals, along with my offseason deals, leave me with the following keepers going into the 2011 season:

$5 S2 Ike Davis

$5 S2 Pedro Alvarez

$5 S2 Jose Tabata

$5 S2 Domonic Brown

$5 S2 Jason Heyward

$5 S2 Mike Stanton

$4 S2 Chris Johnson

$5 S1 Andrew McCutchen

$10 S1 Cameron Maybin

$5 S1 Kyle Blanks

$10 S1 Mat Latos

$4 S1 Ubaldo Jimenez

$5 L1 Dan Hudson

$5 S2 Drew Storen

And 3 possible closer candidates-$10 S2 Craig Kimbrel, $10 S2 Zach Braddock, and $10 S2 Kenley Jansen, along with Demel and Storen. Storen seems to be the only one who has a "good' shot at closing in 2011.

In alot of these deals, I took advantage of trading alot of guys i picked up on the waiver wire (the $10 S2 guys like Padilla, Pelfrey, Silva and Dickey).

I have solid power guys in Davis, Stanton, Heyward, Alvarez and Brown, and enough speed with McCutchen, Brown and Tabata. I now have two ace starting pitchers in Latos and Ubaldo, and a cheap closer in Storen, i hope. Through offseason trades and the 2011 draft I should be able to tweak the roster with some BA guys or more speed and maybe some pitching.

So, how have I done in my rebuilding strategy? Can this team compete in 2011 with a few offseason deals and a solid draft?