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Fantasy Football: Pick Six- What To Watch For This Weekend

This week it's only a pick five, as only five games are going to be broadcast live nationally. This week is usually the most interesting of the pre-season weeks. During the third week, the starters play most of the game and it's almost like watching a regular season game. Except it doesn't count for anything in the standings and if a player gets injured, the coach is second guessed more than usual. Something else to take note of is that on August 31 or next Tuesday is the roster cutdown to a max of 75 players. So, deep sleepers will be playing their hardest to make the team or show another team that they're worth a spot in the League. Let's look at five questions we can look to answer this weekend.

1. Is Jermichael Finley still a sleeper on draft day?

Tonight (Thursday) on CBS, the Indianapolis Colts visit the Green Bay Packers. Finley blew up last year and became the biggest playmaker for the Packers at the end of the season. He is a great player who has a chance to be a very special player. As he enters his third season, he has the opportunity to not only be one of the best tight ends in the league but to put up the biggest numbers for a tight end this year. Arizona could not contain him in their playoff game and he put up 6 catches for 159 yards. This pre-season he has already caught 6 for 78 yards and a TD. Maybe this question has already been answered.

2. Will Ryan Mathews live up to the hype?

Friday night on CBS, the San Diego Chargers visit the New Orleans Saints. Since, Ladainian Tomlinson was cut and the Chargers drafted Ryan Mathews, there has been a big spotlight on the San Diego running game. We all know Norv Turner loves to run the ball and they used their first round pick to get him a back with fresh legs. So far in the pre-season, Mathews has rushed 21 times for 103 yards and caught 3 passes for 24 yards. It looks like they will give him the bulk of the carries and that he is ready for that load. Darren Sproles looks like he will be the third down back but that shouldn't be much of a concern. If Mathews looks good in this game, then he has a real chance to put up a strong statistical season. 

3. Will Jake Delhomme be able to hold onto the Browns quarterback job for the season?

Saturday afternoon on The NFL Network, the Cleveland Browns visit the Detroit Lions. Mike Holmgren was widely questioned for signing Jake Delhomme to such a large contract. It was not as though they didn't have evidence to back up their doubts ( the playoff loss to the Cardinals when he threw 5 INT and the complete 2009 season). Delhomme is viewed as an upgrade over Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. He does bring two things that they didn't have, experience and leadership. Through two pre-season games, his numbers have been 18-23 for 193 yards and a TD. It looks like he has the starting job all locked up but will the mistake prone side of Jake Delhomme show up. See if it does against the Lions before coming to any conclusions.

4. Is Tony Romo underrated when compared to other quarterbacks?

Saturday night on CBS, the Dallas Cowboys visit the Houston Texans. Romo has one of the hardest jobs in all of sports. Not only is he a quarterback, which is usually the position that takes the blame first if the team is not playing up to expectations. But he is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, which brings with it the expectations of pretty much the whole state of football-obsessed Texas and the hatred of fans of the rest of the NFL. In fantasy terms, Romo puts up great numbers but it seems as though he never gets mentioned with the rest of the upper tier quarterbacks. Keep an eye on how he leads the Cowboys in this second to last exhibition game.

5. Will Tim Tebow make an fantasy impact this season?

Sunday Night on Fox, the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the Denver Broncos. I thought I wasn't going to go there, meaning talk about Tim Tebow but I guess I have. It still is a surprise to me that Denver drafted him and that they moved up to do so. I think he will have no fantasy impact at all this season but Josh McDaniels seems like the kind of coach that will force Tebow on us. He will probably line him up somehow or someway during the year, so that he puts touchdowns on the board ( even if it is garbage time). I would love to see Tebow play some against the Steelers. I just have a feeling that he might get another nasty dose of reality. Not that I would enjoy seeing that, it would just be interesting.

Let me know what you think in the comments.