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Down On The Farm: Baseball America Prospect Chat With Jim Callis

Here are some excepts from the Baseball America prospect chat with Jim Callis on Wednesday:

JAYPERS (IL): When rosters expand next week, do you see Jake McGee being one of those getting the call, or is he likely to be left in Durham? How about Jennings?

Jim Callis: They both should be called up. John Manuel was Tweeting last night about how good McGee looked, and he'd be a huge asset out of the bullpen. Jennings would be playing regularly for a lot of clubs and at worst can contribute some speed and defense off the bench. I wouldn't rule out one or both of them working their way onto the postseason roster, either.

Both McGee and Jennings are must pickups in keeper leagues, but I am not sure how much playing time each will see in September.

Ken Rule (Lakewood CA): Thanks for the chat Jim. How does C-Devin Mesoraco fit into the catching plans for the Reds? Is he actually the catcher of the future for them? Or is it somebody else?

Jim Callis: Well, they just gave first-round pick Yasmani Grandal a big league contract worth $3.2 million. The Reds will see how this plays out and I don't think they're real concerned yet with whether Mesoraco or Grandal comes out on top. If both are big league regulars, they'll have some valuable trade bait.

Mesoraco has had a nice bounceback season in 2010. I wrote about Mesoraco last Friday here.

Michael (Kalamazoo, MI): Is Manny Machado the best SS prospect in the minors?

Jim Callis: Yes. Five-tool shortstops are rare, and he is one.

Five tools?? He should be picked up in all keeper leagues.

More prospect Q & A after the jump:

Joey (Sacramento CA): Who will have the better career Matt Wieters or Buster Posey?

Jim Callis: I still believe in Wieters, but based on the evidence at hands, I have to say Posey, don't I?

That's a no brainer. Posey will be a top 5 catcher in 2011.

Michael (Seattle): Who do you think will be a better short stop over their career... Tim Beckham or Dee Gordon

Jim Callis: Dee Gordon. I don't think Beckham stays at shortstop and I think Gordon outperforms him anyway.

I hope Jim is right about Gordon. I see Gordon getting a cup of coffee in 2011.

John (St. Louis): Was Cox the best college hitter in the draft? What would be a reasonable ETA for the majors?

Jim Callis: He was in my mind. Reasonable ETA would be somewhere from mid-2012 to Opening Day 2013.

Cox should be picked up in all keeper leagues as the Cardinals gave him a major league contract, so he is on the 40 man roster right now, and they need a third baseman if David Freese can't stay healthy or doesn't build on his 2010 performance.