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Down On The Farm: Prospect Chat With Kevin Goldstein

Here are some excerpts from Friday's prospect chat with Kevin Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus:

monterothebeast (still stuck in Scranton): Given the Yanks current roster, how would you break Montero in the majors (ie positions, playing time etc)?

Kevin Goldstein: Given the current roster, there's no room for him, other than maybe as an extra bat in September who gets some big league exposure. Real playing time comes next year for him.

Does he play at DH? I assume yes, but he could be trade bait at this point as he has already been offered to several teams this season.

Drew (NY): Aaron Hicks has put together a solid season. Do his tools finally breakout next year in the FSL?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm tired of saying he's solid. Next year, it's time for some production.

Some prospects take longer to meet the hype from the experts. Is 2011 the breakout season for Hicks?

Nick (Nevada): KG, you seemed higher on Gary Brown than most on draft day. Do you think he has the upside to steal 50 bases and hit 10 homers a season or too optimistic? Also, any word when he'll play again? AFL?

Kevin Goldstein: I do think he has that kind of upside, with a good batting average and plus-plus defense in center as well.

Hmmmm.....Brown is someone to think about come draft day 2011 if your league is a keeper league with a minor league draft. High SB guys are very valuable in any league.

BigSteve (Saint Louis): Anything on Arodys Vizcaino? Are they just going to keep him shut down or test it out to see how his arm responds to pitching?

Kevin Goldstein: He's been rehabbing in Florida and it's been going very well actually. According to sources, he just might make another start or two before the season ends.

A head scratcher. Why would the Braves push a top pitching prospect at the end of the season Trade bait??

More after the jump:

uptick (st. louis): When do you think that Teheran will make it to the major leagues? Does he have a #1 ceiling?

Kevin Goldstein: You could see him as early as the end of next year. And yes, No. 1 ceiling.

As I have stated before, Julio Teheran is a must pick in keeper leagues in 2011.

john (naples): where does jerry sands power rate on the 20-80 scale? 70+??? is he the top dodger prospect at this point?

Kevin Goldstein: He's not the top Dodgers prospect for me, I don't think. Bat only guy, but the bat is certainly real.

I have read conflicting reports on Sands defense, but like KG said, it appears Sands is quieting his critics with his power display in AA.

Mike (Washington): Do you think Nick Franklin has the ability to stick at SS?

Kevin Goldstein: I do, and I find his power . . . nothing short of shocking. That said, I've seen him wallop plenty of balls in person, and it's no fluke.

Out of nowhere, Franklin has hit 19 HRs this season, after hitting just 1 in 65 at bats last season. And he's a SS.

iorg34 (Mudville): Jennry Mejia - stock up or down? Will he miss bats in the majors?

Kevin Goldstein: He will, but I'm not convinced it won't be as a reliever.

Mejia = Mets 2011 closer?? We'll see what happens in the KRod contract dispute.

tbwhite (Sitting on a lottery pick): When we look back in 2030, which OF debuting this year will have had the best career ? Stanton, Heyward, Brown, or someone else ?

Kevin Goldstein: Gimme Stanton.

The power is real, but can he keep the BA at a respectable level?