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A Closer Look: Giants Outfielder Andres Torres

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I was reading SB Nation's Rockies site-Purple Row-yesterday during lunch, and saw this article about the Giants outfielder Andre Torres. According to Fangraphs, he has been the most valuable outfielder in 2010, based on the combination of his offensive and defensive skills, or WAR.

Torres is having a career year at the age of 32 this season manning centerfield for the Giants. He is hitting .288-.370-.496 with 11 HRs, 47 RBIs, 67 runs scored and 23 SBs in 445 at bats-all career highs.

How is he doing this at the age of 32? According to the Purple Row article, he worked with hitting guru Chris O'Leary, studied Albert Pujols' swing, and dramatically changed his own swing and approach at the plate.

We have heard this one before, with Ben Zobrist's breakout season last year, and we all know how Zobrist is performing this season. Last season may have been Zobrist's career year, and I am wondering if we are seeing Torres' career year as well.

Torres is walking at an 11% rate, with a K% of 25%, a bit high for a leadoff hitter. He is benefitting from a .356 BABIP this season. He has also been a line drive machine with 23.6% of his batted balls being line drives. I don't see him maintaining his BABIP or LD% in 2011.

Going into 2011 fantasy drafts, I am staying away from a 32 year old outfielder who had a career year. I don't want the next Ben Zobrist on my roster next season.