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Fantasy Football: Fantasy Quarterback Rankings 1-30

Moving this up again.

There is no need to worry if you don't draft the first quarterback in your draft. Over the last few years it seems like you could walk away from your draft with one of the top half-dozen quarterbacks and be on your way to walking away with the championship trophy. Of course, there is still a lot to like about many of the passers to follow but many questions follow as well. So, every team's goal should be to grab one of the top quarterbacks. Once that selection is made, a franchise doesn't have to worry about drafting another quarterback until much later in the draft. This allows for concentration on filling out the rest of the roster. Every year some good quarterbacks seemingly appear out of nowhere, but it's hard to identify those QB's in the draft. Your odds are best if you select a top gun and stick with him for the year. Let's run down the first 30 quarterbacks to select.

1. Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints

Bye Week 10

He has such great football intelligence and can dissect and attack opposing defenses with his head and the offense around him. Last season, he averaged 292.5 yards passing per game which is right around the average Brees has had since joining New Orleans. His pass attempts should rise back up to the 600 mark, as seen in 2007 and 2008.

Projection: 425 completions-600 attempts, 4810 yards, 300.6/game, 40 TD, 12 INT, 1 rush TD

2. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

Bye Week 10

Rodgers has proved himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He averaged 277.1 yards passing per game last year and you can expect that to continue to increase this season. His ration of TD:INT was also a stellar 30:7 and it would not be a surprise to see a copy of that again.

Projection: 360-550, 4500 yards, 281.3/game, 33 TD, 10 INT, 260 rushing yards, 3 rush TD

3. Peyton Manning- Indianapolis Colts

Bye Week 7

He could just as well be positioned in one of the top 2 spots. Manning has the benefit of playing on a team that lacks a running game. He carries the offense and it doesn't seem like any defense can do anything to stop it (except perhaps for the Saints in the Super Bowl).

Projection: 410-590, 4790 yards, 299.4/game, 36 TD, 13 INT, 1 rush TD

4. Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys

Bye Week 4

Romo should continue to keep getting better. His yards per game increased for the third consecutive season to 280.2 yards per game. His touchdowns have not gone up since 2007 but that will no doubt change this season by tapping the full potential of Miles Austin.

Projection: 340-540, 4400 yards, 275/game, 29 TD, 12 INT, 150 rushing yards, 2 rush TD

5. Philip Rivers- San Diego Chargers

Bye Week 10

He has really grown into his role as an NFL quarterback and as the leader of the Chargers. His statistics have likewise improved from completing 61 percent of his passes and 204 yards per game, to 65 percent and 258 yards per game. The amount of pass attempts has not gone up but his accuracy just keeps getting better.

Projection: 326-494, 4394 yards, 274.6/game, 29 TD, 10 INT, 1 rush TD

6. Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Bye Week 5

Brady has accomplished almost everything that an NFL quarterback can in a career. It seems as though he's lost his edge though. Last season his stats were solid after a return from a torn ACL, hopefully we'll see a more of a 2007 version of Tom Brady (like the Tenn. game last year).

Projection: 360-550, 4368 yards, 273/game, 29 TD, 12 INT, 1 rush TD

7. Matt Schaub- Houston Texans

Bye Week 7

He really showed what he can do last year and has made a serious play to join the elite quarterbacks. Schaub led all quarterbacks in completions and yards last year. His career high in touchdowns is something many of us had been waiting for.

Projection: 405-590, 4330 yards, 270.6/game, 29 TD, 12 INT, 1 rush TD

8. Brett Favre- Minnesota Vikings

Bye Week 4

We're thinking right now that Favre is going to play this year for the Vikings and play well. It was like a renaissance for him last season in Minnesota. Impressively, he completed a career high 68 percent of his passes and finished with a TD:INT ratio of 33:7.

Projection: 340-520, 3800 yards, 237.5/game, 35 TD, 10 INT

9. Joe Flacco- Baltimore Ravens

Bye Week 8

He has been through two NFL seasons and has gained a lot of experience entering his third season. The Ravens do like to rely a lot on the run which does take some pressure off of him. His numbers should go up with the addition of a star receiver in Anquan Boldin.

Projection: 340-530, 3900 yards, 243.8/game, 29 TD, 13 INT, 1 rush TD

10. Eli Manning- New York Giants

Bye Week 8

Remember when the Giants were all about the running game and Manning was left behind in fantasy drafts. Those days are now over, since the team has vastly improved their receiving core and balanced the offense between the run and the pass. This resulted in career highs in completion percentage, passing yards and touchdowns.

Projection: 322-520, 4100 yards, 256.3/game, 28 TD, 17 INT, 1 rush TD

11. Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears

Bye Week 8

He had high expectations placed upon him when he became the starting quarterback for the Bears last year. Cutler didn't quite reach the team's goals or probably his own. This season with Mike Martz as his new offensive coordiantor should produce some great numbers (as long as the passes are caught by his teammates).

Projection: 350-580, 4000 yards,250/game, 28 TD, 24 INT, 150 rush yards, 1 rush TD

12. Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons

Bye Week 8

Ryan went through a sophomore slump last season, regressing a little. That does not mean we should expect his numbers to stay down, now is the time to buy what Matt Ryan is selling. He should improve upon last season's numbers and that should continue to be the case in the seasons to come.

Projection: 285-480, 3200 yards, 213/game, 24 TD, 14 INT, 1 rush TD

13. Kevin Kolb- Philadelphia Eagles

Bye Week 8

He has been given the keys to the kingdom by Andy Reid with the trade of Donovan McNabb. We know Reid loves his passing game and things should not change with Kolb as the field general and the weapons he has to work with. He looked good last season in his trial run and should pick up where McNabb left off.

Projection: 323-500, 3400 yards, 212.5/game, 23 TD, 15 INT, 1 rush TD

14. Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

Bye Week 5

Roethlisberger would be much higher if not for the league suspension. Despite the Steelers poor season or maybe because of, he had a really strong season and almost carried them to the playoffs. The Steelers should be more balanced this season but he probably could help your team when he returns from his layoff.

Projection: 250-380, 3200 yards, 266.7/game, 13 TD, 9 INT, 2 rush TD

15. Donovan McNabb- Washington Redskins

Bye Week 9

He should make the team look very different from the one that was led last season by Jason Campbell. Mike Shanahan will help with that also. The receivers are average but McNabb never had much to work with in Philly anyway.

Projection: 270-450, 2900 yards, 193.3/game, 23 TD, 11 INT, 2 rush TD

16. Matthew Stafford- Detroit Lions

Bye Week 7

Stafford was rewarded this off-season with a couple more weapons in Jahvid Best and Nate Burleson. He showed some real moxie last season and should continue to improve upon that this season. His comfort level will also rise and that will make for better numbers.

Projection: 330-567, 3500 yards, 218.8/game, 23 TD, 27 INT, 100 rush yards, 2 rush TD

17. Carson Palmer- Cincinnati Bengals

Bye Week 6

This is not the Carson Palmer that we had grown used to. If the Bengals want to remain competitive with the Ravens and Steelers, the former Carson Palmer needs to return and re-ignite the passing game. They have not asked him to do so without giving him help, adding to the roster, Terrell Owens, Antonio Bryant and Jermaine Gresham.

Projection: 320-500, 3400 yards, 212.5/game, 24 TD, 12 INT, 1 rush TD

18. Chad Henne- Miami Dolphins

Bye Week 5

Henne seems to be leading a new look Dolphin offense, that is leaving the wildcat behind. The trade that brought Brandon Marshall to South Beach signals that the offense wants to pass. Look for the Dolphins to let Henne have more room to open things up in the passing game.

Projection: 320-540, 3800 yards, 237.5/game, 23 TD, 13 INT, 1 rush TD

19. Alex Smith- San Francisco 49ers

Bye Week 9

He seems like the answer to the questions the team has had at quarterback but we've done this dance before. Smith lacks the ability to really stretch the field which limits the offense. Look for him to be asked to manage the offense and that will lead to a season of average stats for Smith.

Projection: 330-558, 3525 yards, 220.3/game, 23 TD, 18 INT

20. Mark Sanchez- New York Jets

Bye Week 7

Sanchez will again be asked to look after the offense and not have to carry it. He's young and needs to develop experience, which only comes with time. The Jets rely heavily on the running game and that works, so Sanchez will remain a below average fantasy quarterback.

Projection: 230-394, 3400 yards, 212.5/game, 22 TD, 18 INT, 100 rush yards, 3 rush TD

21. Vince Young- Tennessee Titans

Bye Week 7

He will never be the next Brees or Rodgers and I know that news is not ground breaking. Young leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to accuracy or the reading of defenses. He does however bring the X-factor which is his excellent running ability.

Projection: 300-520, 3800 yards, 237.5/game, 20 TD, 14 INT, 400 rush yards, 3 rush TD

22. Matt Cassel- Kansas City Chiefs

Bye Week 4

Cassel seemed a little confused last year in New England West and never seemed to get in-sync. With Charlie Weis being added as the new offensive coordinator, he should become more comfortable and productive. Cassel needs more weapons but that will have to wait until next season.

Projection: 300-520, 2800 yards, 175/game, 20 TD, 16 INT, 200 rush yards, 1 rush TD

23. Matt Leinart- Arizona Cardinals

Bye Week 6

The Cardinals no longer have the luxury of Kurt Warner leading them onto the field, instead Matt Leinart will be their old/new quarterback. Losing Anquan Boldin is not a devastating loss, as the Cards are stacked at receiver. The team is looking for a balance on offense, which should result in some mediocre numbers for Hot Tub Matty.

Projection: 330-495, 2780 yards, 173.8/game, 20 TD, 24 INT

24. David Garrard- Jacksonville Jaguars

Bye Week 9

Garrard, like Vince Young, is a superb running quarterback. While his passing numbers are passable, the Jaguars may be losing patience. It would not come as a complete surprise if they made a quarterback change, just ask Byron Leftwich.

Projection: 310-510, 2900 yards, 181.3/game, 16 TD, 9 INT, 320 rush yards, 3 rush TD

25. Josh Freeman- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bye Week 4

He is truly a beast of a quarterback and can definitely be thought of as a dual-threat. The Bucs lack play makers on the offensive side of the ball, which reduces the value of Freeman. His talent is there, so keep an eye on him or stash him on your roster for the future.

Projection: 320-580, 3000 yards, 187.5/game, 16 TD, 28 INT, 320 rush yards, 2 rush TD

26. Jason Campbell- Oakland Raiders

Bye Week 9

Campbell was not appreciated in Washington and did his best with what he had to work with. Oakland has some very interesting offensive pieces but JaMarcus Russell wasn't able to lead them or use them. This should work out well for both Campbell and the Raiders offensive skill positions, look for occasional production.

Projection: 326-500, 3500 yards, 218.8/game, 20 TD, 14 INT, 220 rush yards, 1 rush TD

27. Sam Bradford- St. Louis Rams

Bye Week 9

He was drafted by one of the worst teams in NFL history. Bradford's stats in college were phenomenal but we've seen that a thousand times before. After this season, he'll wish he had the supporting cast that Oklahoma put on the field every Saturday.

Projection: 185-330, 2400 yards, 171.4/game, 9 TD, 21 INT, 100 rush yards, 1 rush TD

28. Matt Hasselbeck- Seattle Seahawks

Bye Week 5

Hasselbeck has definitely seen better days and has not aged like his former teammate Brett Favre. The offense that has been around him is not the same calibre either, that had been the norm under Coach Holmgren. Sadly, Hasselbeck may be on a short leash with Charlie Whitehurst waiting in the wings.

Projection: 290-490, 2200 yards, 157.1/game, 14 TD, 17 INT, 75 rush yards

29. Kyle Orton- Denver Broncos

Bye Week 9

The situation that Orton was in was ideal until the dominoes started to fall this off-season. The team brought in two other quarterbacks (Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow) and traded away their best receiver, Brandon Marshall. If Orton plays well, he should be able to hold off the challengers for at least this season.

Projection: 330-540, 2300 yards, 143.8/game, 9 TD, 11 INT, 50 rush yards, 1 rush TD

30. Matt Moore- Carolina Panthers

Bye Week 6

Moore has been able to win games when the Panthers have asked him to start or should I say has not lost them. With the running game they possess, Moore has been a game manager. He'll be looking over his shoulder at Jimmy Clausen but should be able to hold onto the job.

Projection: 175-280, 2100 yards, 210/game, 16 TD, 4 INT