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Down On The Farm: Baseball America Prospect Chat

Here are a few excerpts from the Wednesday Jim Callis and Friday Hot Sheet chats over at Baseball America:

tyler (sacramento): do u think branden belt will be a top 25 prospect next year?

J.J. Cooper: Not a top 25 guy, he's having a great, great season, but I'd be looking at him more as a back end of the top 100 guy, not a top 25 guy. He's a first baseman who doesn't project to hit a whole lot of home runs, which means he's going to have to hit a whole lot of doubles and hit for average. He's done that very well this year, but as a first baseman, you better be very confident he'll keep doing that year-in and year-out in the big leagues before you start moving him into the top 50.

He has a different opinion than the guy who did last week's chat.

Mac (Fort Lauderdale): Which guy is the more solid prospect Sands or Belt and which one's rise do you find more surprising?

J.J. Cooper: I'd say Sands is more surprising. Belt was the top hitter on one of the top teams in college baseball last year. I'd also say that Sands is a better prospect, if just because he can play 1B or RF and because his power potential fits the profile for that position more. I like both of them.

Am I going to be suckered into drafting Sands too high in the UBA minor league draft in 2011?

Robin (LA): Who is the safest bet out of all the Royals prospects to make the biggest impact? My money is on Hosmer

J.J. Cooper: You asked two separate questions...One is who is the safest bet among the Royals prospects—I'd go with Hosmer. The second question who could make the biggest impact—I'd go with John Lamb, but that's just a gut feel.

Lamb is certainly a guy to watch as he seems to make the BA Hot Sheet list every few weeks.

More prospect chat Q & A after the jump:

Ben (Leland Grove): Julio Teheran makes his AA debut tonight. Assuming he continues on his present pace, how many years is he from Turner Field?

Jim Callis: Few pitching prospects can match Teheran's stuff. At this point, like a lot of young pitchers, consistency is his main concern. At this rate, he could be up in the second half of 2011, when he'd be only 20.

Teheran will be a first round pick in the UBA minor league draft in 2011.

Sam (Toronto): Do the Jays get the Jesus Montero's or Casey Kelly-type players they are reported to be asking for in exchange for Scott Downs at the deadline?

Jim Callis: Um, no. Unless the GM has near-fatal levels of blood-alcohol content.

Loved Callis' response here. Blue Jays fans shooting for the stars here for their relief pitchers.

SprungOnSports (Long Island): What do you think the Yankees should do, if anything, with Joba Chamberlain now that he's been removed from the 8th inning job?

Jim Callis: Try to get him straightened out. He still can be a dominant set-up man or Mariano Rivera's successor at closer. Selling low on him wouldn't be the smart play.

I agree. One bad season from a young pitcher is expected, no?