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Keeper League Trade: Worst Ever?

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A couple weeks ago the following deal went down in one of my NL-only keeper leagues:

Rafael Furcal-$11 ($11 in 2011)

Dan Haren-$20 ($25 in 2011)

Brian McCann-$24 ($29 in 2011)

Kris Medlen-0

Skip Schumaker-$5

Mike Stanton-0


Jamey Carroll-0

Kevin Correia-$3 ($8 in 2011)

Kelly Johnson-$11 ($11 in 2011)

Lastings Milledge-$15 ($15 in 2011)

Jason Motte-$1 ($1 in 2011)

Humberto Quintero-0

In this league, free agent pickups are assigned a $0 salary.

The team that got all the studs was in 1st place before this deal, and is currently in 1st place, with a 6.5 point lead. I usually don't let others know about my thoughts on deals in this league, but on this one, I could not stay silent. I emailed the whole league letting them know about how lop-sided this deal was. To me, the bailing team got one keeper in the deal-Kelly Johnson, but he is at risk of being traded. if traded to an AL team, the bailing team got nothing in return for handing the championship to the first place team.

A few days after the trade was made, the bailing team dropped Milledge. Not surprisingly.

The bailing team responded to my email by saying he made offers to other teams and got rejected. He made me a similar offer a few weeks before this deal went down, but wanted 5-6 of my top keepers including Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward and Buster Posey.

He also stated that the league should ban all bail deals. I am not one to ban bail deals in keeper leagues, or to vote on deals in any league, but to me, this deal was beyond bad. 

Am I wrong?