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MLB Trade Rumors: Saturday Afternoon Smorgasbord

I am back from vacation, so I should be back to regular posting. I am not sure who was more tired of the Ocean City boardwalk rides, me or my daughter. I think the boardwalk can stay open a few more days after our week there.

Alot has happened since I last posted, so I am going to give you my thoughts on a few of the deals that happened since the Oswalt to Philly deal on Wednesday.

Edwin Jackson-it sounds like he won't stay in Chicago long as the Nats initially were asking for EJax in any Adam Dunn offers. I guess they didn't want the younger and cheaper Dan Hiudson.

Dan Hudson-traded to the Diamondbacks and will probably be their #2 starter behind Ian Kennedy. He should be good in 5 x 5 leagues as he should provide a solid amount of strikeouts, but could be hurt by the long ball in that hitters park. Just ask Dan Haren.

Ryan Ludwick-he goes to the worst hitters park in San Diego after today's deal. He does tend to hit well vs the Dodgers, so maybe that was the Padres motivation in dealing for him. I think his value drops in all leagues.

Jake Westbrook-the Indians traded him to the Cardinals today, so his value has to go up, especially moving under the tutelage of pitching coach Dave Duncan. He is risky though as he hasn't started more than 20 games since 2007.

Chad Qualls-traded to the Rays, he will provide late inning support to the Rays bullpen, but has no value in fantasy leagues. He hasn't had much value since April/May timeframe.

Miguel Tejada-traded to the Padres, he will probably play some 3B and SS, and should the Padres make it to the World Series, he would probably be their DH. He is another hitter who hits very well vs the Dodgers. There is a trend here, no?

Lance Berkman-traded to the Yankees. Another solid move by GM Brian Cashman. Berkman's value increased substantially in mixed leagues. He will DH for the Yankees. Another deal where the Astros saved some money. Hopefully they use it on future draft picks. Are you listening Frank McCourt?

Austin Kearns-dealt to the Yankees. His value takes a hit if he isn't playing everyday. 

Matt Capps-traded to the Twins, his value probably increases a bit as he should get more save opportunities, but I am not sure he will  not blow a few. He is due for a few more, no?

Wilson Ramos-traded to the Nationals in the Capps deal, he will probably start at some point this season, and will learn an awful lot from Ivan Rodriguez. Could the Nationals flip IRod in the offseason to the Dodgers? I don't see the Dodgers giving Russell Martin more than the $5 million he is making now. He doesn't deserve more, does he?

Jorge Cantu-traded to the Rangers, his value increases going to a hitters park and hitters league. That, and the fact that the Rangers opened up first base by demoting Chris Davis to AAA after the deal was announced.

Brett Wallace-traded to the Astros for High-A outfielder Anthony Gose. I am not sure who's value increased here. I assume Gose's value increased as the Blue Jays traded Wallace who many think will be a solid major league hitter. Wallace should play first base for the Astros once the Berkman deal is finalized today, assuming he is called up today.

Anthony Gose-the Blue Jays traded one of their top prospects for Gose, who won't see the majors till 2012 at the earliest, and more likely 2013. He stole 76 bases last season, and has stolen 36 bases this season, but has been caught 27 times!!

Manny Ramirez-no he hasn't been dealt, but appears to be available, as the White Sox, Angels and Rays all have inquired about his services, even though he is on the DL. I have felt for the last month or so that the Dodgers should deal him. If they can land Dayan Viciendo from the White Sox or one of the Rays pitching prospects for him, which I highly doubt, that would be a steal. 

Ted Lilly- he appears to be headed to LA and will benefit from pitching in several NL West pitchers parks. He has a career record of 25-11 in September.

Ryan Theriot-he also appears to be headed to LA and will probably play second base everyday should Blake Dewitt be included in the deal. His value probably increases. I wonder if Torre will have Theriot, Podsednik, Matt Kemp and Rafael Furcal running more as it appears they are moving to a small ball lineup.