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Fantasy Baseball: Wednesday's Roto Roundup

Roy Halladay threw another complete game yesterday against the Diamondbacks, and Domonic Brown had a good performance in his Major League debut. Halladay had 9 strikeouts and allowed only 1 earned run, and Brown provided 2 hits and 2 runs batted in while playing right field. The injury to Shane Victorino brought about the callup, and I think Brown is ownable in nearly all leagues at this point, based entirely on his upside.

It also sounds like the Phillies are very close to acquiring Roy Oswalt from the Astros, and I think that it is unlikely to affect his value as a fantasy player, and potentially might add a slight bit due to a better possibility of more wins.

Garrett Jones hit 2 homeruns yesterday in Colorado, and went 4 for 4 with 3 runs batted in. He now has 14 homers, 60 runs batted in, and a .277 batting average on his season. He has been discussed in some trade rumors, but I'd be shocked if the Pirates moved him with the production he's been providing for so cheap.

Delmon Young, hitting machine. 3 for 5 last night with his 14th homerun and 3 rbi (79 on the season). He's hitting .334, and I'm wondering if he will break into the top 50 overall before the end of the season.

Bud Norris threw to his potential last night, striking out 7 and allowing no earned runs in 6 innings against the Cubs. The strikeouts have been there in a lot of starts this season, but the remaining concern is still the fact that he walked 3 batters, and will need to improve his control before I trust him.

Trevor Cahill went 8 shutout innings last night against the Rangers, and got the victory. He struck out only 4 and walked 3 in the game, but still allowed no earned runs. He's going to have starts occasionally that are bad, but he looks like he's really put it all together this season.

Scot Shields was called on by the Angels to make the start yesterday, his first since 2003. This happened as a result of Joel Pineiro being placed on the disabled list after the game and being scratched before the game. Sounds like Pineiro is going to be out for a majority of the rest of the season, and he's probably droppable in all leagues at this point as a result.

Joey Votto went 3 for 5 yesterday with 2 runs scored, his 26th homerun, and 2 runs batted in against the Brewers. His season totals: .322/72 runs/26 HR/70 RBI/8 SB. Could he end up as a top-15 selection next season?

A.J. Burnett had a great start yesterday, striking out 7 over 6 1/3 shutout innings. Note to everyone: This was against the anemic Indians' offense. I want to see him do it against a Major League offense at this point before I believe.

Johan Santana had a tough start against the Cardinals, allowing 7 earned runs in just 5 2/3 innings pitched. The Mets came back to get Santana off the hook for a loss, but it concerns me that he only had 2 strikeouts in that time as well.