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Fantasy Baseball: Best Case Scenarios for Trade Targets

Before I open up this piece, I think there is something always worthy of bearing in mind this time of year—deadline trades are overblown.

It’s not that they can’t help a team—actual or fantasy—it’s just that by the time the deadline rolls around, we’ll be nearly two-thirds of the way through the season. Mostly they are overstated just because it’s a really exciting time in baseball.

But, keeping that in the back of thoughts, some players will be affected by where they end up, for better or for worse. Let’s take a look at what would be the best possible team for players to end up, from a fantasy perspective, among those teams that are considering them.

Dan Haren, SP—St. Louis Cardinals

For a guy who has had home run troubles this season, getting out of Chase Field would be a very good thing. In St. Louis he would get some run support and a slight pitcher’s ballpark. Maybe most important, they’re in the NL and play in a weak division.

Jose Guillen, OF—New York Yankees

Guillen, being a right-handed power hitter, would probably be more suited for Fenway Park than Yankee Stadium, but I’m not sure he would get as consistent playing time in Boston. Once the Red Sox return to health Guillen might not fit into their every day plans—whereas in New York he can be their full-time DH.

Ted Lilly, SP—New York Mets

No brainer here. The cavernous hole that is Citi Field is great for any pitcher, so Lilly owners would be lucky if he ends up here. It’s one of the reasons why I ranked Lilly so high in the midseason starting pitcher rankings—I felt there was a good chance he would end up in New York. For teams on the lower end of contention, I recommend targeting Lilly immediately in the chance that he goes to the Mets. Lilly is quite possibly the pitcher most likely to get moved before July 31.

Dan Uggla, 2B—Colorado Rockies

There hasn’t been much trade talk regarding Uggla yet, but ever since I heard about Sun Life Stadium’s propensity for strikeouts I have been salivating over the possibility of Uggla in Denver. Considering that strikeouts are his big problem, he may just simply be in the worst possible park for his style of play—and Coors would be just about the best. It would be a huge reversal of fortune.

Roy Oswalt, SP—Los Angeles Dodgers

Who knows if the Dodgers can figure out their financial situation enough to get Roy Oswalt, but if they do, it will be good for him. He already plays in a weak division but the NL West has some nice pitchers parks and he would get more help from the offense.

Jayson Werth, OF—Boston Red Sox

A good (when healthy) offense and a decent hitters park. It really wouldn’t change anything for Werth, who is just fine playing in the hitter-friendly Citizens Bank Park, despite the fact that the Phillies desperately are trying to move him.

Corey Hart, OF—Chicago White Sox

If Hart moves, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was for the worse. I could see him ending up in San Francisco or San Diego, which could mean the change of scenery would be the worst for Hart of anyone, especially considering there are questions about his true power ability. Obviously this all contingent on how hurt he got last night, but Hart owners should hope for a move to the South Side.