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Down On The Farm: Prospect Chat With ESPN's Keith Law

Here are a few excerpts from the recent ESPN chat with Keith Law:

Mike (PA)

Should the Pirates tank to draft Rendon and move Alvarez to first?

(1:10 PM)

I don't know if it ever makes sense to tank - this isn't the NBA, where you're tanking just two months before your draft. Too much can change between September 30th and the next draft. Besides, as much as I like Rendon, he's coming off a more serious injury than any 1-1 pick I can remember. You have to at least consider the possibility that he's not the guy.

It will be interesting to see where Rendon goes in the 2011 draft coming off this injury.

Jason (St Louis)

Do you believe the Verducci effect? If so, Jaime Garcia is in trouble...

(1:11 PM)

No, I believe that myth has been successfully debunked enough times now.

It has its application, but does not affect all pitchers. Mat Latos will be on the top of Verducci's list in 2011.

Jon (Jacksonville)

Keith, PLEASE give us your take on the future of Sano. Not sure to trade for him or not.

(1:18 PM)

I don't want to overhype the guy, but I think he's a potential star, probably a top 25 prospect in the minors, and even that would include a discount for his age/distance from the majors.

Certainly, a name to remember come 2011 draft day for those of you in keeper leagues, especially AL-only leagues.

More prospect chat after the jump:

Rob Gee (Boston, MA)

How good is Jesus Montero's bat? Regardless of position, are we looking at a MLB regular, an All-Star, or a MVP? As to position, does he have enough quickness to play a corner OF spot?

(1:18 PM)

All-Star DH.

I wonder if he entered the Dan Haren trade discussions between the Yankees and Diamondbacks. Now that would be interesting. Who would you take first in the UBA minor league draft-Jesus Montero or Bryce Harper?

Josh (San Diego)

Jaff Decker has really turned his season in LE around after an aweful start. Are you still high on him?

(1:37 PM)

Absolutely. Can't underrate those OBP skills (.372 in June, .421 in July).

Decker has turned it on of late, but the power he displayed last season has not appeared, to an extent. He started the season injured, then hit woefully for the first month or so. Does he make it to AA next season?

Zach (Wilton, CT)

Moustakas or Hosmer?

(1:48 PM)


That Royals system may be the best in baseball in the 2011 rankings.