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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies In 3-Way Deal For Roy Oswalt??

Earlier today, we heard the Phillies could be looking to make a trade for a starting pitcher by the weekend, as they sent Kyle Kendrick to the minors and need a 5th starter by Saturday. When asked, GM Ruben Amaro responded that he knew who would be starting on Saturday, but would not tell anyone. After seeing J.A. Happ pitch 3 quality innings at AAA Lehigh Valley tonight, I figured he would be called up.

But then Jamie Moyer strained his left elbow tonight and will more than likely hit the DL. Once I heard this, I figured the Phils could make a deal for a starting pitcher before the weekend. Then we got this tweet from Buster Olney:

Jayson Stark and I hearing a whole lot about the Phillies working hard on a deal for a frontline pitcher. Don't know for sure, but Oswalt fits in a lot of ways. They could make the dollars work by moving Jayson Werth's contract -- and they'd have Oswalt for 2011.

This tweet is very interesting because just last week, a Phillies fan friend of mine told me a co-worker of his, who lives in Houston, had heard this rumor:

Roy Oswalt to the Phillies

Jayson Werth to the Red Sox

Prospects to the Astros

Now, we get this tweet from ESPN's Jayson Stark;

Follow-up on Phillies tweet: Phillies have talked about lots of starters. But hearing they've spent a lot of time exploring an Oswalt deal.

This 3-way deal makes sense for all teams involved. The Phillies get the starting pitcher they so desperately need to get back in the mix in the NL East. The Red Sox get an outfielder they need, and the Astros get prospects they need to begin their rebuilding process.

Should Werth be included in any deal, the Phillies will bring up AAA outfielder Domonic Brown to play right field. I have a feeling Happ may be involved in any deal for a starting pitcher as it appears the Phillies have soured on him this year. And apparently, Stark agrees with me:

While there was no indication the players in any potential trade have been agreed to, the Phillies have shopped last year's rookie-of-the-year runner-up, J.A. Happ, who is currently pitching in Triple-A to work his way back from a forearm strain.

What we don't know is what prospects will be involved in the rumored deal. I will guess that AAA closer Scott Mathieson would be involved as he was drafted under Ed Wade's watch when he was the Phillies GM.

This deal would increase Oswalt's value in fantasy leagues, as one would guess that he will win more games than he has in Houston. Domonic Brown should be picked up in all NL-only leagues and keeper leagues. Werth's value, should he be dealt to the Red Sox would probably stay the same, as he would be leaving one great lineup and joining another really good lineup.