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Fantasy League Trade: Drew Stubbs For Hiroki Kuroda

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Quick post today. I made the following trade in one of my NL-only leagues on Monday:

I trade Hiroki Kuroda and Gerardo Parra

I get: Drew Stubbs and Jonathan Lucroy

This is the same league where I traded Justin Upton and Mike Leake for Josh Johnson and Ian Desmond

I am currently in second place in this league and will replace Kuroda with Edinson Volquez, who is scheduled to start for the Reds on Saturday. I made the trade because I think I can make a move in SBs (possible 4 points-13 SBs out of 4th-currently in 8th) and HRs (8 HRs out of 3rd, and 16 HRs out of 2nd-currently in 4th), and should be able to steal a point in the runs category (8 runs behind the team ahead of me) and the RBI category (6 RBIs behind team ahead of me).

How did I do?