Fantasy Baseball: Some Buy-Low Guys I'm Feeling Right Now

Ok, so I've been doing some research and am trying to take one of my fantasy teams off of life support. This year has been a disaster for one of my teams. I have Rollins, Ellsbury, and Sizemore. Enough said, right?

We're at a point in the season where you really want to be making trades if you have to, as there is still time to make some headwind in categorys. Once you get into mid to late July, it gets harder, but I guess it also depends on where you stand relative to the rest of the pack on certain stats.

Here are a few guys that I believe will do something in the 2nd half of the year, and I see owners giving up on. Obviously if you are set in these positions/areas, then nevermind. Also it's your team, do what you want with it. Don't be picking up these guys and getting all mad if they don't work out... I'm just posting what I think, and everybody is wrong... especially when we're trying to guess what some grown-ass men (in my Charles Barkley voice if I had one) are going to do.

  1. Adam Lind. Ok, I'm not going to lie, but he's sucked, regardless of whether you're using batting average or OBP (I prefer OBP leagues, but that's another discussion). The guy has a BAbip of .247, so I think his average will improve, and he should be batting in the .250-.270 range for the rest of the season. I could see him hitting 15 HRs from here on out with, 40-50 RBI for the rest of the season as well. Maybe I'm crazy. But if you're desperate for some power, you may find an Adam Lind owner willing to give him up for pretty cheap. If the end of June comes around and there's no signs of him heating up, then maybe it's time to give up on Lind.
  2. Jason Bay. Now he does have a high ownership percentage similar to Lind, but I can tell you he's been a disappointment to fantasy owners. People drafted him too dang early to get only 3 HRs, and 24 RBI. Unlike Lind, however, the guy has a good batting average (.292 right now), and he's gotten a decent number of steals (8). It will be harder to pry him away. BUT, something to keep in mind is the man has never had a season with less than 20 HRs and 80 RBI in which he played a full season. There's a first time for everything, but I have those expectations for Bay if he stays healthy. His BAbip is a high .378, so I think it's reasonable to expect his batting average to decline to be in the .260-.275 range. But if he can finish this season above his 20 HR, and 80 RBI threshold, that's a great pickup.
  3. Carlos Pena. I'm seeing guys dropping him and losing confidence in him. His .175 average is looking bad, but this is a guy who's batting average realstically should be in the .230-.240 range. You're not drafting Carlos Pena for batting average, but for HRs and RBIs. A couple of good news items for Pena. First, he plays good enough defense that he's still getting playing time despite struggling at the plate. Secondly, his BAbip is .202. It should increase. I think he'll bat more in his normal .230-.240 range for a majority of the remainder of the season, and he'll hit a bunch of HRs (15-20).
  4. Aramis Ramirez. Typically he disappoints with injuries, but this year it's his production. All I can really say is that I think it's a bit mental as far as Ramirezs' production. I don't really see why he should be struggling so much. He's a better player, and he's 32. I think he's still young enough to be producing at a good level for the next couple of years. He did hit a HR on Saturday, so perhaps better days are ahead. If you're in need of some help at 3B. I'd keep expectations lower, like maybe 10 HRs, 40 RBI, and batting in the .260-.270 range over the rest of the season. Not game changing type stuff, but I think he'll be a Top 10 3B from now until the end of the season. Maybe I'm too optimistic.
  5. Gavin Floyd. You look at the 6+ ERA and WHIP over 1.6 and you probably throw up a little in your mouth, especially if you're a White Sox fan. As a Twins fan, I just laugh at you. But there are some potentially postive things that Floyd can bring. He isn't allowing a ton of homeruns like he did in 2008, as he's on pace to give up in the high teens-low 20s. His BAbip is .355, so he isn't getting any breaks behind him either. He isn't a top-of-the-line starter anyways, but I think he'll revert more in the high 3s or low 4s with his ERA, and strike out an additional 100 guys. His run support/game is a little over 4, so I see a .500 record or so with wins and losses from here on out as well, and him getting better defense/luck behind him. With another 19-20 starts, probably something like 7-8 wins with 7-8 losses and some no decisions. Pitching is hard to predict, but I think better days are ahead for Floyd. He should be performing like a solid starter, as opposed to how he's faring thus far.

There are probably several more guys, but these are guys I'm looking to, if my team is sucking and I need some help. If I own these guys, I'm sticking with them, becauase I'm probably not going to get much in return for them anyways... Unless you're trading with someone who has the same opinions as me....

What players are on your radar that you're seeing go for cheap in your leagues?